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Since I started my blog in 2008 I have received a few questions that perhaps I don't touch upon much in my posts, and that's why like every other blogger it made sense to start a FAQ tab. But don't worry if you miss this, I promise I'm nice and won't snap at you to read them before you ask any questions! I've actually enabled comments for this page, so if you don't want to email me, just leave any questions below and I will edit them in.

Random/Blog Related

Q. How tall are you/what clothes size are you?

I am teeny, teeny tiny! I am literally just about 5ft! Most my clothes are UK size 6/8 (so US size 2/4, EU 32/34) depending on style etc.

Q. Are you a natural redhead?

100% YES! I have never, ever let a touch of hair colour touch my head. I adore being a redhead. I hate how redheads are victimised because it's the most beautiful thing to have, and I wouldn't swap it, or change it for the world.

Q. What camera do you use? 

I use a little Canon IXUS 80 digital camera in pink, so nothing fancy at all! I just switch the setting to macro, find natural lighting and that's it. I know nothing about photography at all, so I can't give any advice. From January 2012 all my photos are now taken with the Canon EOS 600D as my old digital camera sadly broke!

Q. Where can I buy Betsey Johnson from in the UK? 

Betsey Johnson's London shop sadly shut down earlier in 2012. I now have to get my friend in the USA to get things sent to me but I have found a few genuine things on ebay but be VERY careful as fake Betsey Johnson is all over Ebay and if you see some earrings for 99p be very cautious. TK Maxx also has the odd thing.

Q. What is your shop, and what do you sell?

My shop is called Beauxoxo I make and sell hair accessories. You can visit my shop here but for updates I have a Facebook and a Twitter. I also take part in quite a few national events like The Clothes Show Live, as well as local markets. Feel free to contact me for any custom orders.

Q. I've just set up a shop, how do I get sales?

I get a lot of questions about people setting up their own crafty businesses and wanting advice. I am a little cautious to give advice at this moment as I feel I haven't been working on it long enough to be an 'expert' however I would advise you to create a brand YOU and for key success on Etsy and similar list lots of items with beautiful photos. Also, never, ever give up and budget, budget, budget ;).

Q. How do you get so many followers? 

I get quite a lot of emails about how to get more blog followers and I always find it really strange because I don't see myself as a 'big blogger' at all. I've been blogging since 2008 but I still see myself as a very, very little blogger. When I first started it really wasn't about followers, and it shouldn’t be about that now. Sure, you want people to read what you're doing, but don't make a blog just for followers and freebies and all that stuff. Blog because you love it, feel like you have something to share, and enjoy it. Create a blog you would love to read yourself. That's really the only advice I could give!

Make Up/Hair/Beauty Related 

Q. What make up and foundation do you use for your pale skin? 

I love through blogging that I have found other girls who struggle to find make up to match their porcelain complexions. It can be really hard to find something that won't make us orange, and trust me when I say that I've tried everything, because I practically have! I absolutely adore Nicola Robert's Dainty Doll make up range and use that foundation which suits me perfectly. You can buy it at Look Fantastic, Boots and quite a few other places. I also highly recommend Make Up Forever foundations and use 110. I also like MAC's Select Cover up in NW15 and the MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural in light, although I cannot use their foundations at all because they oxidise like crazy on me, and just generally make me orange!

For cheaper options the only thing I have found to be any good is a Collection 2000 concealer, but again not foundations. Barry M do a white foundation which you can mix with other things. Additionally GOSH Cosmetics have foundations which run pretty fair and I would suggest giving them a go. I haven't tried them myself, but I've heard they are good. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend picking up a drugstore foundation for pale skin as their definition of 'light' is anything but! I will do a post on this soon.

Q. Where are your sparkly make up brushes from? 

The brushes I feature in this post are from a company called B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Sadly, the company shut down in 2009 and you can no longer get them. I often suggest to people to try on Ebay as I have seen some doing the rounds on there. Alternatively, get crafty with some glitter and crystals and DIY :).

Q. What's the Healthy Skin Diet? 

The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer is an eating program I follow to alleviate skin conditions I have, namely eczema and rosecea. It transformed my skin and I couldn't recommend it more highly. I will be posting a series about it but until then please see this post here. Additionally, please visit the author's website here 



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