Saturday, September 12, 2015


A little disclaimer about my blog...completely boring but somewhat necessary in this blogging age! Feel free to completely ignore, or read at your leisure for 5 minutes or so...

Like many bloggers I am very thankful to occasionally review PR samples. Although I always take extreme care to provide my readers with accurate information on any products I feature, and to supply an honest scrutiny of said product, pretty, pretty please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information or reviews in my blog. I cannot compensate you in any way whatsoever if you’ve tried something based on one of my reviews and it didn’t work out for you. I think it’s really important to use your own judgement, and nothing works for everyone, right?

Sometimes, like many other bloggers, I am offered products or samples from PR agencies and brands for review and editorial consideration. I have been offered to try a variety of products since I first started blogging but I approach these reviews exactly the same as any other product I will review. So, any companies should know that if you would like me to review your product I will only provide a 100% honest feedback, and will not be told what to say in my reviews. Thus, my readers have complete peace of mind that I will not be paid off by any companies or any individuals wishing me to provide a glowing report on something if deep down I don’t like it. Additionally companies should know that I will always, always, always let my readers know if I am reviewing something, which I have been sent for free. Due to my ethical reasons I'm afraid I will not accept any beauty or cosmetic products that have been tested on animals for review.

In relation to advertising  on my blog I currently do not have any ad space on my blog as I do not deem myself to have a big enough blog. I do however have Google Ads and Skimlinks installed through my blog which help me pay for things like my domain and other blog charges.

With regards to my own personal ramblings and admitedly amateur photos, I would be extremely grateful if you didn't steal any content of my blog without my permission. If you want to make reference to something, or use a photo, or whatever it may be, then please contact me first. If you ask kindly enough, and buy me a cupcake or something, I'd be happy to oblige ;).

So now that's all over I hope that satisfies the needs of the FTC darlings. If you have a burning question which I haven't covered, then absolutely feel free to email me, which you can find under the 'contact' tab, and on my blog's homepage. But last of all I should just stress that this blog is a hobby. So rest assured, there's no sugar coated business going on at my blog, unless it's to do with cupcakes, of course ;).

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