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I've been completely and utterly spoilt lately with some incredibly gorgeous Zoella bits both from the Zoella lifestyle range and the Zoella beauty range after attending the Winter Wonderland Event in London. I'm so head over heels in love with everything and so I felt it deserved the first class treatment of a proper photoshoot with my friend Jamil Teja who does photography for my hair accessory company Beauxoxo. Together we escaped a rainy autumnal afternoon in my favourite coffee shop in Bournemouth Little Red Roaster to shoot the beautiful pieces I have been sent over the last month.
Let's just start off with the Cosy Vibes mug because is this not the mug that you want to have all the hot chocolates and teas in throughout the season?! But could we possibly just ignore how terrible I am at pouring from a tea pot? haha. I'm so ashamed! Seriously though this mug is really the mug of all the mugs. The turquoise, white and gold colour palette are so chic and it's the start of your ultimate night in. My choice? A coconut milk hot chocolate or mint tea.


How adorable are the 'Make Your Mark Pencils'? And of course you just know I'm all over the hugs and kisses design (xoxo has been my thing since y'know 2000 plus guys haha)! The pretty pastel pink shade is so soft and feminine and each pencil has a white rubber with gold. I'm so in love with their simplicity and I always have tons of pencils around my studio for sketching and brainstorming so the sweet little phrases will make them even lovelier to use.

The next item I'm totally in love with is the Wonderful Journal. This lined journal book is perfect for so many things. Whether you're studying, at work or a budding writer, this has so many different uses. The design is so classy and the embossed front is so dreamy. I actually have something very exciting planned for this book but I'm just going to hold off telling you because I know what I'm like!

Now I'm the Queen of Disorganisation rather than the Queen of Organisation (that crown I feel should go to my amazing friend Louise from Digital Nomad Girl!) so to stay on track I need visually very appealing things and something that makes me want to use it. The Zoella 'Stay On Top Of Your World' stationery book is absolutely perfect for me. In fact, it's my dream planner. It's everything I could want and more to keep me organised each and every single day and I carry it around with me like a little comfort blanket! The little sticky notes on the far left-hand side are fantastic for pinning to notice boards, diaries and so much more, and the to-do list beside it is amazing for jotting down all the things you need to do throughout the day. 

The other part of the stationery book contains a weekly plan and I love the breakdown between morning and night as I like to balance my personal and work life together. Altogether this journal is honestly hand on heart one of my favourite things ever right now and I guarantee if it helps me it's going to keep you on top of your world as well. 

I remember cooing over the adorable Stationery Bento Box at the press day because it's just so cute! This is of course inspired by the famous tradition of Japanese bento boxes; a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. But as it turns out, it's also perfect for displaying stationery essentials! As I said in my post about the Zoella Winter Wonderland Event, this would make the ideal gift for someone heading off to school, college or Uni. I'm loving it so much in my studio. It makes me feel so stylish to have everything co-ordinate so beautifully. The box contains:
pencil x2, rubber, ruler, paper clips, washi tape and a notepad. 

And so there you have it, the beautiful Zoella Lifestyle range perfect for writers, dreamers and everyone in-between. I'm really just so proud of Zoe. It's just incredible to have witnessed this collection come together over the years and it's really just all so Zoe and exceptional in design and quality. I talk more about Zoe's incredible success here but I'll say it again here that you truly never, ever know where your passion can take you. So you, reading this right now, be brave and wholeheartedly ambitious just like Zoe and go out and create the life you want to live. This range will certainly help you get a little closer to goal setting!

A huge thank you once more to Zoella and her incredible team for their constant support. I'm so thankful beyond my wildest dreams to get the chance to feature such amazing things like this on my blog. And a huge thank you to Jamil for capturing everything so beautifully! If you are based in Dorset do get in touch with him for all your photography needs.

Would you like to see more posts like this shot on locations with a proper photographer?! Please let me know because I loved this!



  1. Everything looks so pretty, also a coconut hot chocolate sounds amazing I'll have to try that one day xoxo


    1. Aww thank you so much Cate- it really is such a beautiful range- I recommend it so much! And I'll be sure to post my coconut milk hot chocolate soon! I hope you're having a lovely sunday xoxo


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