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I've spent a bit of time in London recently heading to cafes and restaurants I see getting a lot of love on social media or in the blogosphere in general. A previous trip took me to the Hemsley Cafe at Selfridges and today I have a few photos from my trip to Deliciously Ella's The Mae Deli on Weighhouse Street. Actually, these photos are from the beginning of the year which just shows you how behind I am with the whole blogging life!
I'm sure many of you reading this know of the incredible Ella Woodward, the brains behind Deliciously Ella, the healthy eating blog that is one of the most popular around alongside her bestselling cooking books, under the same name. Amazingly, her debut book continues to be the UK's fastest-selling debut cooking book title!

I've loved Ella's recipes for a while so I was delighted to hear she was working with her husband to create a place where her delicious creations can be enjoyed in person. And voila, hello The Mae Deli!

There are several locations across London and I have also visited the one at Seymour Place that is in the heart of Marylebone that is a darling cosy spot that reminds me of cafes I have loved in Scandinavia.

I went for breakfast one day earlier this year at the new Weighhouse Street location as I often have catch-ups with friends in central and in or around Oxford and Bond Street and it is literally just a few moments away from the bustling high street. As a general London tip, if you ever feel overwhelmed by this part of London, I highly recommend you sneak into the side streets in central and see what treasures you can find.

The Weighhouse Street Deli is set in a really dreamy, corner spot around lush hotels and businesses that doesn't feel like the hustle and bustle of central London at all. It's small, but with two floors, and the large windows flood the minimalist cafe serving dishes from breakfast until late. 

On this day I had a turmeric latte which is simply heavenly. I could have turmeric lattes each and every single day because I just love them so much. They are warming, sweet and seem to be perfect to start the day with, or to unwind with in the evening.

I then had this alongside the banana pancakes. These gluten free, dairy free and plant-based wonders don't skip on the deliciousness whatsoever, and the berry compote with coconut flakes makes it feel so decadent. A drizzle of maple syrup makes this an irresistible breakfast and will keep you going for hours! Well, at least it did for me!

If you are vegan, plant-based or simply want an Instagram worthy breakfast then The Mae Deli is the place for you. Cost-wise it's more than your average Pret and co, however it's extremely good value for the amazing service, quality and ambience. And if you fancy seeing more of my London adventures in the future my personal Instagram can be found here.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! How many of you have popped into The Mae Deli? If so, what did you think? For more information about The Mae Deli click here and for Ella's blog, Deliciously Ella, head right here.



  1. Those cakes look amazing and a turmeric latte sounds so interesting although I love my coffee plain and black i always like trying new things whenever I can, I once had a sweet potato latte and it was surprisingly good xoxo


    1. Oh wow a sweet POTATO latte? My goodness I am so intrigued! I am absolutely going to have to hunt one of those down! Turmeric Lattes are honestly my absolute faves, it's the perfect autumn/winter drink! xoxo


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