How To Make A Flower Crown by Paige Joanna and Beauxoxo

Today I have a fun video to show you where my darling friend Paige Joanna gets her craft on with the Beauxoxo DIY flower crown kit! This is the perfect craft kit for hen parties, children's parties and flower fairies everywhere and here's how Paige made hers. 
Paige's flower crown kit was a range of pretty pinks that she styled in a gorgeous ombre design. But the joy is that every single kit is as individual as you are! I hope you love watching the video Paige made herself and don't forget if you want to have a go yourself you can tag #mybeaudiy and that way I can see all of your creativity! 

And if you love crafty videos like this be sure to check out Paige's blog right here and for her Youtube channel that features the cutest DIYs ever, head right here


❤ Photography // Paige Joanna Calvert
❤ Videography // Beauxoxo and Paige Joanna Calvert
❤ Editing // Paige Joanna Calvert
❤ Models // Paige Joanna Calvert
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Thank you so much for your sweetest support of this new project. If you have future DIY projects you want to see on my blog and channel please let me know!



  1. This is so cute, I still adore flower crowns although it's been a while since I've worn one but I'll have to change that soon xoxo


    1. Aww Cate thank you so much! I'm so glad you like this project! I really wanted to give someone creative control over the design and it's so exciting to see what people make! xoxo


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