My Little Fresh Start, My Little Box, January 2017

Each month I share the unboxing of my new 'My Little Box' but this month, for the start of the 2017, it's all about the 'My Little Bag' as the 'Fresh Start' concept was all about new beginnings and full of inspiring content to get you excited for the new year. If, like me, you adore the boxes don't worry because the bag is a one-off special but there are a few surprises ahead so let's see what they are.....
Firstly let's talk about the bag. The drawstring design is actually something I really like I really adore the quote on the bag and it truly resonated with me. It's the perfect size to take traveling so I'm definitely going to use it for storing clothes, or similar, to keep them nice.

There was no card this month and instead just a preview of what is in the box and a message from My Little Box detailing their vision for the year ahead. Sadly, this includes the decision to stop the 'My Little World' magazine. Weep, weep, weep. I'm really so sad about this! I really love the little magazine and it's a highlight of the box for me because I think it really brings the theme and contents to life. I hope as time goes on they think of something equally good because for me having a physical magazine in my hands is so special rather than an app or something.

The first lifestyle item are some postcards with inspiration and powerful messages to inspire and motivate you to live out the best possible life you can lead. I'm sometimes one of those people who doesn't connect with things like this but the thoughts on the cards are really engaging. They aren't too preachy and they made me think critically about a lot of things in my life.

Now sometimes you get a lifestyle item in My Little Box you adore so much you would pay the amount for the box in general to purchase it and for me this month it's the planner.

This time I received the January 2016 box and whilst I adored the diary they included the timing was just so off for a day to day planning item. This year they have obviously realised this as the planner works in weeks and serves as a goal planner and personal diary rather than 'dentist appointment at 11am' kind of thing. I've been looking to buy something like this for this year but now I have this it fulfills all my planning needs. And truth be told, I'm actually not the biggest planner because I'm very much a 'life in the moment' kind of person (okay I'm just scatty and disorganised!) but lately I've wanted to create goals for myself. The design of the planner is also so sleek and neat and it's a joy to write in.

For me the fashion and lifestyle items overtake my love for the beauty products this month. But they are all definitely things I'm going to use. The item that interests me the most is the Berry Cool toothpaste by Merci Handy. Like most people I have always associated mint with toothpastes, apart from a dabble with strawberry flavoured Hello Kitty toothpaste as a child, so this berry flavour sounds so intriguing! A few months ago there was a little Merci Handy cleansing gel in the box that I really loved so hopefully I will love this just as much.

The next item I'm excited to try is the Boost Yourself Body Cream from My Little Beauty. Packed with sunflower seed oil to nourish the skin and ginger to energise, it sounds like a lovely combination and I love the warming feel of ginger. Another product from my Little Beauty is the Easy Morning Face Cream that nourishes tired winter skin and adds a glow thanks to apparently the addition of 'diamond powder'! My skin is combination with a slightly oily t-zone so how heavy this will be I don't know but I look forward to trying it anyway!

Finally to complete the beauty bundle is a little sample of Garnier Ultimate Blends Strength Restorer Conditioner. This is perfect for travel so I'll definitely be packing this for my next adventure away. The deep conditioner is enriched with honey, Royal Jelly and bee propolis to leave fragile, damaged hair feeling healthier and more resilient. As I have long hair that is prone to damage I'm hoping this will keep my hair healthy whilst on-the-go.

A scarf is often a popular My Little Box addition and I really love this snood from this bag of treats. In a suits all navy with peach, grey and white leopard esque print it's a design that will work for everyone and the easy tones will blend with a variety of winter wardrobes. It's also made from a fabric that is light enough to see you through virtually any season so it's a fabulous designed fashion product that I will enjoy using.

So to any of my My Little Box (okay, so technically 'My Little Bag' this month!) fellow members: did the January box give you that extra motivation to kickstart the new year? Let me know what your thoughts are below.

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