Japanese Stationery Haul

Japan is a shopping paradise. Whether you adore magazines, comic, fabric, clothes, jewellery, phone accessories, makeup and of course stationery Japan has it all. And of course if you do love cute stationery like me, it's a total paradise and I have truly only touched the surface of what you can find.

Before I went to Japan I was actually overwhelming myself with things I've had on my wishlist for the longest time that I've seen on blogs and online in general but in the end I just decided to get things I fell in love with when I was there.
I actually did most of my shopping in the hotel as I stayed at a few Crowne Plaza hotels where most had an amazing shop inside. To me delight one of the hotels I stayed at in Kyoto had a shop full of the cutest stationery bits and to be honest most of my purchases are from there.   
There were a lot of lovely postcard sets and as I often send parcels to friends or for work I thought it would be something I could actually use although I'm going to have to force to because they are almost too pretty to use although this is a running theme here!

So the two sets of postcards I picked up is this sweet vintage bunny set and then below this a very traditional Japanese set of cards with gorgeous illustrative detail.

Sometimes you just want to send a little note to someone- a little thank you or similar- and this set of Hello Kitty cards and envelopes are perfect for that! I actually picked these up at Family Mart would you believe which is a Japanese supermarket. Proof you can find cuteness everywhere in Japan.
I picked up this gorgeous traditional bookmark in Kyoto beside a temple and I'm so in love with it. This is forever going to remind me of my special trip and it's proudly used now in my Japanese textbook and it motivates me to keep going!
I of course had to pick up some novelty rubbers because umm.....when in Japan! Am I going to use them? Probably not....but will they be displayed in some way? Absolutely! They were calling me and I couldn't say no!
These sweetest notelets are a free gift from a souvenir shop in Kyoto. They were so, so kind! I'm so in love with them! I think they are for pages in books and again I'll be using them with my Japanese study books for sure.
One of the last things I picked up was a thick card notepad with gorgeous vintage illustrations. This is just so me and I'm madly in love with the gorgeous designs and the outfits. If I had to pick a favourite purchase I think this would be it! Now this is something I'm going to struggle to use because it is just so very pretty. I might potentially keep it as a sweet memory but I'm not sure yet.

I hope you like the little stationery bits I picked up! What one is your favourite? Are you a Japanese stationery fan? If you have anything I must pick up do let me know because I'm so excited to be heading back this May and June and I feel far more content with what is available now!

Many more Japan posts will be coming soon but meanwhile I've made a playlist on Youtube with my Japan vlogs if you'd like to follow my adventures!



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