Dorset Team Etsy Christmas Market, Wimborne, 2016

A few weeks ago I had a lovely day with Beauxoxo at the Dorset Etsy Team Christmas Market and even though it's Christmas eve as I type this up; I wanted to share all the lovely things I discovered this day that would make the perfect post-Christmas treat by amazing local Dorset sellers.

The Dorset Etsy Team Christmas market coincided with Etsy Made Local and also Small Business Saturday and was again held at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne. Two rooms of the centre were filled with incredible talent from local artists, crafters, illustrators, jewellery designers, cakes, hair accessories (moi!), cards and Christmas ornaments as well as vintage and antique treasures. It was the perfect opportunity to shop for the festive period and also to see the work of everyone locally in the flesh.

It's truly impossible to pick out every single thing that made me heart skip a crafty lovin' beat, so below I hope I can capture the day with some photos from some of my favourite stalls. If you love what you see there's a link underneath that will take you directly to their store. Whilst everything is simply wonderful, can we appreciate all of the flamingos with FESTIVE HATS?! Literally the vision of my whimsical world!

How amazing is everything above? I really hope you discover some new shops on Etsy you love! I remember the day I started my Etsy in my University library back in 2010 and it was without a doubt one of my best decisions even though it sounds ever so rebellious when I tell people the humble beginnings! Being an Etsy seller has blessed me with so many incredible opportunities and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people along the way. The Etsy Made Local events are always a special way to meet with other local sellers and realise how powerful the Etsy community truly is.

So a huge big thank you to the sellers there for all your creativity, passion and hard work and a huge amount of respect, congratulations and praise to The Dorothy Days for pulling this together so brilliantly as usual. Everything you do is very much appreciated!

Were you able to shop at a Etsy Made Local market this year? Did you come to the Dorset Team event? If not, are you giving an Etsy presents to friends and family this year? Tell me your favourite sellers and everything you're lusting after below. You can shop Beauxoxo on Etsy here.



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