REVIEW: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm

As you might already have seen from my blog: I have quite an obsession with lip balm. I really love discovering new brands but for me, the more natural a lip balm the better.

My all time favourite lip balm is LUSH's Whipstick but it's just not practical to carry that around with me in my handbag. My go to brand for a long time for that has been Hurraw who make the most divine lip balms but because I can only get hold of these online or in London, so I was curious to see how a brand called 'Crazy Rumors' worked after spotting them in Holland & Barrett.

Lovingly created in 2003, Crazy Rumors is the idea of Edie and Brian Himmel, a fun loving, creative couple from Brooklyn New York who decided to take a leap of faith to do what they truly loved. Although they noticed there were tons of lip balms out there, they felt something was missing: that extra coolness factor that separated the ordinary from the extraordinary! They constantly noticed that there were always really only two options in the lip balm world: simple and plain, with the same old flavours, or wild and over the top but made of purely synthetic ingredients!

After much trial and experimentation, Crazy Rumors's winning 100% Natural & Vegan formula was born, made from out of this world flavours and combining this with indulgent ingredients such as nourishing organic shea butter, natural derived flavours and with a hint of natural stevia to sweeten so that they not only smell amazing, but are pretty tasty too (not that I'm encouraging you to actually eat this matter HOW good it smells.....okay?!;) )

I've tried so many flavours and I'm truly obsessed. At just £3.50 each they are very purse friendly, and with flavours such as Apple Spice, to Peppermint to Bubblegum to Amaretto; there is truly something for everyone! I know that many you of try to purchase only cruelty-free and vegan beauty products, and if that's you then Crazy Rumors is perfect. I have one in my handbag, one in my travel bag and one on my dressing table and they are a joy to use. So moisturising, so easy to use, and the scents such as Gingerbread is such a treat at this time of year!

If you're looking for a vegan lip balm full of lip loving ingredients Crazy Rumours is the brand. Having said that I absolutely love Hurraw as well so it's really just a choice of what flavour you fancy!
What are your go-to lipbalms out there? Let me know below and share the love!


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