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Nothing makes me happier then seeing those I love so dearly doing such amazing things, and so today I want to tell you all about my friend Paige's new venture: Paige Joanna Creative!

You will probably all know Paige for her amazing style and DIY blog but she's also an incredibly talented illustrator who is now bringing her amazing skills to Etsy. Paige describes her range as something, 'for colourful people living fast and colourful lives. If you collect pins, brooches, one off designs and like to express yourself, then Paige Joanna is for you' and ultimately because, 'life is too short to wear boring clothes.' Well I couldn't agree more with this!

Paige Creative is the ultimate destination for handmade fashion treasures. First up, her bespoke hand painted denim jackets which are just so incredible in their design and intricacy. In fact, I witnessed Paige making this particular jacket whilst we watched Frozen with mint tea and cookies (thanks again Paige my darling!) and the passion and talent that goes into these is just beyond inspiring.

There's then sweet denim patch designs like this Butterfly Denim Patch Jacket that sends my heart a-flutter, cute 90s esque Pom Pom Earrings that are oh-so Clueless style, pretty Butterfly Necklaces, Up-Cycled Vintage Treasures (I'm all over this cute little shirt!) and finally of course a truly special custom illustration just for you.
I think you'll agree that Paige's designs are truly unique and everything is a real work of art. And as I always say, as a handmade designer myself, it's so important to remember that there is someone so passionate behind every handmade creation. Last month Paige very kindly let me stay with her before I went to Copenhagen and I witnessed the talent, the love and dedication that went into one of the jackets you can see above. And how amazing is it to own something so truly unique that symbolises the magic and imagination of someone like Paige!

So if you're after a beautiful, bespoke handmade treat head here to visit Paige's shop and you're sure to fall head over heels for everything. And whilst I'm gushing about my love for my darling friend I just want to say how inspiring and special Paige is. She has faced so many obstacles, and faces so much on a daily basis, and yet she is so driven by her passions to live out her dreams and that inspires me more than anything. I'm so proud of you Paige!

I hope you loved this post and I'll leave lots of additional links below for you to enjoy. Let me know what your favourite piece is!

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