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My Music Monday post today is for my fellow Aurora, Låpsley, Birdy and Lana Del Rey fans out there, but be warned because this post is also going to make you feel ever so slightly old and that's because today I'm featuring the incredibly talented Billie Eilish who is just 15 years old!

Born and raised in glitzy Los Angeles in the USA, by two actor and musician parents, Billie Eilish grew up surrounded by art and started singing in the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus when she was just 8 years old. But now at just 15 years old, Billie has begun releasing her own original material, which is produced and co-written by her older brother Finneas O’Connell (of The Slightlys). However with songs like 'Six Feet Under' and her breakout viral hit track 'Ocean Eyes' calling out to lost loves, Billie’s songs, and her voice and lyrics, take her far beyond her years in their maturity and reach.

Billie's debut single 'Ocean Eyes' has knocked up an incredibly impressive 2 million reach on Spotify and as soon as you hit play you will soon be drawn in by the sophistication and emotions of this gorgeous ballad. Billie's sweet honey-like voices lament on heartbreak and the melody beautifully paints the melancholy felt by Billie by building us up and weighing it down again at the end of most of the phrases to illustrate the rollercoaster feeling of being in love. The instrumentation is also so poignantly crafted so that it ends up being both current in the production but equally beautifully tender and striped back with a sparse piano accompaniment to words like 'scared' at the end which will send a shiver down your spine.

The video for 'Ocean Eyes' is so gorgeous and understated as you would hope a song like this to be, with a simple artistic wash of lilac pastel allowing Eilish to sell a song with little more than herself simply presented with not a single gimmick in sight.

Billie's newest release is a beautiful haunting song called 'Six Feet Under' with some truly poignant and heartbreaking musical painting over lyrics such as: "Our love is six feet under" and “I cant help but wonder if our grave was watered by the rain" with a lingering melodic end to each phrasing to truly draw out the pain and suffering. It's truly one of the loveliest ballads I've heard for such a long time and the production is really exquisite. 

Whilst I hate to bang on about age, it's just so incredible to me how polished and assured Billie's sound is for someone so young. Billie is yet again an example of someone who creates music that truly transcends any age barriers and is a reminder that no matter how old we are, it is all painfully sincere. There is so much truth, emotional maturity and wisdom behind Billie's music that it will instantly resonate with you. 

And so as a result, I'm just so excited to see what the future has in store for Billie. The tracks she has released so far are truly flawless and she truly is incredibly special.

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