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It's Monday evening and my general thoughts are whilst I love autumn, really I do, the early mornings and the darker evenings can sometimes have me dreaming of the summer months that have passed. Well for moments like this I like to escape into a seriously dream soundscape and I think today my 'Music Monday' group of discussion Bahari should help curb your end of summer or general Monday blues.
If you're a regular reader of my blog you may already know that I adore Haim huge amounts, but to be honest if there's a girl group with guitars and heavenly harmonies I'm in general all ears (like the extra special Aussie babes Little May to name one more group I love but I could go on). Anyway, if you adore this kind of thang already, and love that sort of vibe then let me introduce you to Bahari, an all-female trio from Southern California's community of Manhattan Beach. Formed of vocalist and bassist Natalia Panzarella, vocalist and keyboardist Ruby Carr, and vocalist and guitarist Sidney Sartini all members are under 20, super talented and head over heels beautiful. Life can be so cruel sometimes, can't it? ;)

Together Bahari come together to embody a youthful reflection of the creative spirit of the coastal lifestyle in the USA. Now usually at this post I would launch into a few facts about my chosen artist of the week, but when I was looking through for some more biographical information about this amazing trio I stumbled upon this fantastic video below that illustrates their amazing story up until now. I'm so fascinated to see how diverse their upbringings are and yet how together they have fused their collective influences, from singer-songwriter folk and classic rock to contemporary pop to create their amazing Bahari sound. And that sound is as radiant as the Californian sound, drenched in lush harmonies peppered with bright pop melodies that won't fade away easily.
Their stand-out single 'Dancing On The Sun' will give you all of the summer feels for real. Dripped from head to toe in boho goodness, it will make you want to get out a Californian A to Z with a flower crown (ahem, I make a few *end of plug* ha) in your hair crushing down the Route 101. I adore the 60s surfer girl sound that is reminiscent of acts like The Ronettes but that at the same time has been made ultra modern and completely their own. This hit track is further complimented to perfection by a sepia video of your wildest dreams that the 'Made in Chelsea' production team would be oh so proud of. Boho waves? Check! Flowers covering the dashboard? Check! Flowing maxis in the summer haze? Check! This ticks every boho box going and it's truly glorious. 

If you love everything you're seeing and hearing above then you will adore the EP in full that is also named 'Dancing On The Sun'. The opening track 'Altar of the Sun' brings out more of their rock influences, with that gorgeous vintage surf-rock sound, and 'California' and 'Summer Forever' share a love of punchy guitars and bluesy sound for a soundtrack oh-so perfect for rocking down the Californian coastline with the roof off and the wind in your hair. And right now I have the happiest memories of doing exactly that the summer before I started Uni.
But if I had to pick my favourite track from the EP it would be the track named 'Reasons'. It's such a gorgeous love song that struck a chord with me emotionally the first time I hit play. It's placed right in the middle of the EP and is a perfect break from the upbeat up-tempo numbers. It's a song that truly pulls on your heart strings with their beautiful raw delivery and tender harmonies. It shows a very different side to what these girls can do.

If, like me, you're clinging onto those summer memories for as long as possible this is the EP for you. I'm so excited to see what is to come from Bahari and I hate to mention age but....I'm honestly astounded how polished and confident this collection of songs are not only in their quality but in their overall sound too. They know exactly what they want to sound like and I can only begin to imagine how dreamy a full album will be.

I hope you loved my Music Monday feature this week. What are you loving right now? How many of you are already Bahri fans?

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