Music Monday: The Aces

Fancy a bit of pop/rock girl band perfection to brighten your Monday? Of course you do! So let me introduce you to the brilliant new girl band on the block The Aces. Despite just having the one song for release at the moment 'Stuck' on their Soundcloud, this pop-rock quartet from the USA are sure making a serious head turning, toe tapping impression! 
The Aces is formed of four seriously cool ladies who are: Cristal Ramirez, lead vocal and guitar, Katie Henderson, lead Guitar and vocals, McKenna Petty, bass and Alisa Ramierz on drums. And together, from Utah in the USA, they are here with their debut track 'Stuck' which is bursting with pop perfection.

In a similar vein to my Music Monday artist last week Bahari, this song has that gorgeous West Coast USA cool vibe with a surf 70s guitar introduction that immediately grabs your attention. The song then launches into the catchiest pop/rock song you've heard in ages. It's again that sort of track you want on your roadtrip playlist with the wind in your face, cruising along with those feel good vibes.

But 'Stuck' is not so poppy it sounds cheesy- anything but- and this smart quartet of talented ladies balance the bouncing guitar riff and strong pop melodic hooks with vocal diversification and technical musical riffs that makes it anything but a cookie-cutter top 40 hit. They ooze coolness in a similar way to The 1975 and Haim and sound incredibly current but also wistfully dreamy as if you could imagine this coming from a 70s film with everyone dancing and revelling in pure, care-free happiness. And in fact that whole vision comes to life in the video below.

Sometimes you just know an act is going to be special and I feel that way with The Aces for sure. This is such a strong debut track, and I cannot wait to hear what is to come. Remember their name because they are going to be huge!

The Aces:



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