Lush Bournemouth Re-Opening

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the long-awaited re-opening of the Lush in Bournemouth along with local press, Lush workers and my fellow local blogging ladies. The evening was such an amazing celebration of the new look Bournemouth Lush, of course, but it was also a truly wonderful trip down memory lane for me as Lush Bournemouth was my very first job after leaving school and to have been there for the opening of it back in 2006 to the grand re-opening 10 years later (oh. my. word time....let's not even go there!) was so incredibly special to me.

Just a few apologies in advance for the ropey images as I forgot my main camera so my iPhone had to do!

It's been a very long six months of hard work but eventually after a major refurbishment the Lush opened its doors to fill the town centre of Bournemouth once more with that heady scent we all know and love (well, for most of us I think I know for some it's too much!).

I can't believe it's been 10 years since the store first opened, and since I worked there. Dorset is the home of Lush so it's a company that nearly everyone around here knows, and you'll for sure find someone who either works there  or has worked there like me. The Bournemouth store, located right in the heart of the town centre, is a very popular shop indeed, and last week they introduced the new look concept Lush layout you are probably used to seeing on your own high-street.

The Lush Bournemouth refurbishment was particularly special because the aim was to restore the look of the shop to the original design of the building from the 19th century. In order to do this, the project involved local skilled craftsmen who referenced historic images and original architectural sketches throughout the construction. This is such a lovely thing for Lush to do because so much of Bournemouth's history is evident in the beautiful buildings from the 19th century when the town started to become really popular as the ultimate British seaside destination.
Once we had admired the outside it was time to step inside to see what magic Lush had in store. Jess and I made our way through the hustle and bustle outside with the whole town immersed in the amazing sounds of a brass band and all the goings on to receive a lanyard with our name on in the famous Lush handwriting. We were then each given a basket with a lovely knot wrap scarf on. The lovely lady explained that at various product sections across the store we were able to pick something for free and then have it wrapped in our knot wrap at the end of our visit. This was such a lovely idea and such a generous gift from Lush!

Firstly, it was wonderful to see the shop crammed with the excitement for not only the grand unveiling of the new look, but also to see and smell all the new ranges that have been released since the closure at the start of the year. This includes the always fun and quirky Halloween range, to the ever hotly anticipated Christmas Collection. It was hard to get around to see every product from the Christmas range but we were very kindly gifted three products of our choice from various stations so I picked the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, a Never Mind Ballistics bath bomb full of fruity cheer and finally a Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub. To be honest, they had me at the name alone!
I was really captivated by the makeup stand and the lovely Megan from the Poole shop gave us an incredible demo of how it all worked and what was new. Whilst working at the Bournemouth shop in my teens I actually spent the other half of my weekend working for the Poole shop and the make up side B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful so for me this was bringing all the nostalgia and so many of the products there have been re-imagined from this sister business to Lush that sadly closed down quite a few years ago now. Lush have now taken all the best bits from 'B' into their Emotional Brilliance collection, and the Bournemouth store will be one of only a few chosen shops to include the whole range so I 100% recommend heading down and escaping into some makeup heaven.
Outside the shop were even more treats including Lush product inspired cocktails (vegan cocktails no less!), and live-demos of Lush Christmas products. First up was the Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar: one of my favourite Lush Christmas products of all time that's now in a beautiful glittery slipper design Dorothy would be truly proud of. The heady scent of the rose in this product was even more intense making one fresh, and we were of course allowed to take our creations home with us.

But the fun didn't stop there as next up was a demo of the glorious Christmas cleanser similar to Angels On Bare Skin called Buche De Noel. This fun cleanser packed full of satsumas, cranberries and a splash of brandy that smells glorious and the two Jess's did such an incredible job at making one for us all to then take home at the end! So much respect for the addition of the gold leaf that we discovered costs a small fortune!!
The evening ended with us all getting our treats wrapped up in our knot wraps (I was pretty much the luckiest girl in the world to receive this Deer print!) and also picking up some vegan cookies which for me practically made my night alone as I never get to eat anything at events (the canapes were also vegan so bravo indeed Lush, bravo!).

Overall Lush truly pulled out all the stops for this event and made it one to remember (they even had their own Snapchat filter!). It was a true pleasure to be there so thank you so very much to Lush PR and Lush Bournemouth for having me, and for also allowing me to take a trip down memory lane. It was also truly wonderful to spend the evening in the company of so many old and new faces.

If you're local to Bournemouth be sure to pop by and immerse yourself in the gorgeousness! I'm sure you won't leave empty handed ;).

Lush Bournemouth details: 

25 Old Christchurch Rd, 
BH1 1DR.



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