A Weekend in Copenhagen

I feel Scandinavia is having a serious moment right now and lately it seems that the Danish capital Copenhagen is the place to be with lots of my fave bloggers descending on one of the coolest cities in Europe. My personal Copenhagen adventure started back in the summer when my wonderful friend Cheryl asked if I had ever been to Copenhagen. I said.... yes....but when I was just 6 months old. According to her, this doesn't count and as it turns out she was certainly right because needless to say I didn't remember anything after all, so okay Chezza darling, you were right, you were right! ;)

I really wanted to document my trip but this certainly isn't a guide to Copenhagen as I feel like I have only just scratched the surface. Overall I think Copenhagen is the kind of city that doesn't have a gazillion 'sights' per se, and so definitely more about soaking up the glorious Scandinavian atmosphere (hygge) for a million years to come. And it's because of this lasting impression that I made a little video (also linked below) with this Frida Sundemo song 'A Million Years' to sum up the weekend I had with my truly wonderful friends to document our trip full of hygge memories. If you're wondering what on earth this 'hygge' (pronounced 'hooga') word is that you see all over social media and across book coverings at the moment it's the Danish way of describing a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you (The Netherlands have a similar word called 'Gezellig').

In Copenhagen you’re never too far from the water and that instantly makes the whole city seem so cosy and more intimate than the vastness of so many of the world's capital cities. We decided that the best way to discover Copenhagen's picturesque waterfront was to take a boat trip around the harbour departing from scenic Nyhavn. This port is such an idyllic part to the city, and very symbolic with rows upon rows of pretty brightly coloured townhouses, and some in pastels too, which I was of course loving.

As well as cruising around the city's canals a guide explains about the landmarks you will pass and some Danish history. It's also a really good way to see the Little Mermaid statue perched on a rock. It's very small....and err slightly underwhelming if I'm being honest but I'm really glad I had a glimpse of it from the boat! Gliding along the canals gives you a real sense of the city and it's also a wonderful way to see the varied architecture from imposing neoclassical buildings, to modern avenue venues and to gothic churches that stand as a reminder at Denmark’s long lost far-flung empire.


Tivoli Gardens
Perhaps a glorified theme park to some, it's always worth remembering that the Tivoli Gardens inspired the imagination of Walt Disney, who made several visits and later captured the mood and ambience for his own Disneyland, and also Hans Christian Andersen, who was inspired to write the fairy tale the Nightingale.

From visiting myself I can certainly understand the attraction to these stunning gardens after visiting back in September. We arrived just as the sun was setting and the whole area was illuminated by soft glowing lanterns with the scent of candyfloss wherever you turned making it so magical and the very essence of hygge. There was a peacock stage that opened spectacularly like the feathers of the bird, to magic mirrors and so many other elements that made it such an enchanting spot. For adrenaline junkies there's a ton of rides and games but you can also escape it all with all of the cafes and restaurants. Overall it's certainly worth a visit, especially in the evening, and it's very easy to lose track of time like we did!


Best View: Church Tower
It's always worth trying to find that spot in a city where you can have a magnificent view as far as the eye can see. In Copenhagen I highly recommend the view from Our Saviour's which is one of Denmark's most famous churches. In 1752, when the serpentine spire was inaugurated, it has been a popular pastime to climb the 400 steps to the top....and so that's exactly what I did! The nearer to top we got, other than me feeling the increasing need for my inhaler (ha!) the steps became ever more precarious but with determination I made it and it certainly didn't disappoint! If you struggle with heights or tight spaces I might not recommend it for you, so it might be worth googling some reviews just in case! The views truly were beautiful with a clear view over the whole city where you could truly take in all the beauty at once.


Getting Around
Cycling Copenhagen Denmark
So although I'm quite possibly the worst cyclist ever, Copenhagen is a cycling haven, and it's a pretty handy and fun (once you get the hang of it!) way to explore the city. Copenhagen, like Amsterdam, is world famous for its biking culture and has also been voted the ‘Best city for cyclists' that boasts over 390 kilometres of designated bike lanes. You can see my rather shaky cycling in the video below, for a laugh! I don't mind ;). Oh and parents cycling with their children is just so heartwarming and you see it so much here!

Other than cycling I'd highly recommend the metro system from the airport to the city centre. It was under half an hour and was pretty cheap, for Copenhagen and really efficient. For amazing travel advice in Copenhagen, and tons of other tips and tricks you must bookmark Kat Louise's blog immediately because she is bursting with posts about this beautiful city!



Denmark is renowned for its food, and other than the famous Danish pastries and other sweet treats you can find there is also an abundance of hipster eating places to be found all over the city. I’m no foodie myself, however I love nothing more than stumbling upon really quirky food spots and I can certainly vouch for the reputation Denmark has.

We had some really incredible meals and brunches in Copenhagen but shamefully the names escape me for the moment but pretty much all of them were recommendations so I'm going to have a little look through some of my receipts and I'll update this later!


Christiania copenhagen
Christiana wall
Christiana is a truly unique and fascinating area with a completely different vibe from the rest of the city. It was established by squatters in 1971 and since then the area has drawn nonconformists from across the globe, attracted by the concept of collective business, workshops, and communal living. The most famous part is 'Pusher St' which is lined with marijuana dealers alongside a semi-bucolic wonderland of little craft shops, live music, cafes and hygge homes all embellished with a DIY touch that obviously I was loving. You can see little glimpses (although you can't film or take photos once inside) from 1.25 to 1.35 in my video below.

Before it became this alternative enclave in the heart of the city it was once an abandoned military camp. Scatters soon made this their base and whilst the Police tried to clear the area they were not successful. Not to mention that obviously this was all happening in the 1970s; the hippie revolution was at an all time peak and there no way you could stop this movement! And so, bowing to public pressure, the Danish government allowed the community to continue as a social experiment. And so Christiana is now a self-governing, ecology-oriented and generally tolerant community. I would overall highly recommend a visit because it's just so fascinating to meander around.



Because there are simply hundreds of photos I could post from my trip (and 90% of those would most likely be pretty pastel building one after the other!) I compiled some video clips and made this little video diary on Youtube. If it's being awkward for any reason and won't play head directly to my Youtube channel to watch it.

Malmo Øresund_Bridge aerial photography
It's so easy to see why Copenhagen is fast becoming one of the must-visit destinations not just in Scandinavia, but for people all across the world. It's a city buzzing with a mixture of culture, food, ambience and general hygge-ness! Perfect for a weekend or even a week you'll always find there's too much to do!

If you're planning a trip to Copenhagen I highly recommend some of my favourite ladies' blog post. First up, Olivia's '48 Hours in Copenhagen' is just amazing Liv has a way for finding the coolest spots for every city she visits. I also loved the Betty Magazine 48 Hours in Copenhagen post about the city as well with fantastic recommendations. And finally my local blogging lady Rosie Outlook also had some amazing tips from her time in Copenhagen which is also certainly worth a read. Finally, don't forget Kat Louise's fantastic posts which will have you covered for every single thing in the city.

I travelled to Copenhagen with Norwegian Airlines from Gatwick for a wonderful price of £50 return! For accomodation we used Airbnb which worked out at around £50 ish each for the whole weekend which is pretty fab. We don't tend to find the trendiest places on our Airbnb, we go more on cheap and decent as possible (!!) but if you want to want to explore some Airbnb options on your next city break save £25 here.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on my Copenhagen adventure with me! Have any of you been before? Let me know below :)



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