Vegan Afternoon Tea at Compton Acres

So if you haven't noticed from my previous posts, I'm rather partial to a lovely spot of afternoon tea. The problem is with a dairy allergy it's something I've always loved the idea of more than the typical sweet treats served. Thankfully nowadays I've found that it is wonderfully easy to be catered for with my allergy and not only that, but there are also ready made vegan afternoon teas at various places now which is something completely new to me.

When I was at one of my favourite local spots near me Compton Acres a few months ago my friend and I spotted they had started to do a vegan afternoon tea. With my allergy and the fact she is wanting to become vegan it was truly perfect. Compton Acres is a truly pictureque spot near Sandbanks in Poole with one of the finest privately owned gardens in Southern England. It has beautiful gardens, a café, tea rooms, plant centre and a gift shop so it's a great setting for an afternoon of tea-ing!

And so out came three tiers of delicious vegan food. One for sandwiches, one for some cupcakes and the other for scones and the most delicious coconut cream I'm still dreaming about. There was also the addition of quirky little things such as vegan cheese and pineapple on sticks.

Now, despite my allergy, I like to think I will eat anything. Truly: I can't think of a single cuisine or food I wouldn't try or have but.....wait for it....cheese will forever be something I loathe (I'm sorry cheese lovers!). It just brings back such painful memories of being so incredibly ill so I shamefully can't even try vegan cheese! And so, as a result, my friend and I decided to share this cake stand and she had all the vegan cheese bits and I had anything she didn't fancy. But the sandwiches were really interested because I'm so use to having the normal afternoon tea selection of sandwiches just with no butter etc. The Roasted Red Pepper sandwich in particular was so delicious and a sunblush tomato and basil sandwich. It definitely made me think outside the box in terms of sandwiches and you certainly don't miss out on meat or fish.

But now let's talk about the best bits: the cake. Vegan cake oh how grateful I am for you. Nowadays for me cake is such a decadent treat. I know I could try and make my own but I'm a terrible baker so I seek out dairy free or vegan cake whenever I can and it is such a joyous luxury. The chocolate cupcake served with our tea was simply divine. It tasted just as decadent and wonderful as the real thing. Equally as lush the scones were such a dream. I had my first scone at The Ritz and ever since I have been craving them. These scones were accompanied by coconut cream and strawberry jam. And as I said, honestly, the coconut cream was just so, so gorgeous. I desperately need to re-create this and have it with fruit or something because it's that perfect.

Alongside my tier of decadent treats I also had a green tea which is my go-to tea and Compton Acres stock a fantastic range of local Dorset company Clippers Tea. Overall I couldn't recommend their tea more and I'm already thinking of going back soon to take more of my vegan friends or to be honest anyone because it's all so scrumptious. Plus, the setting is so beautiful and if you're a Dorset resident you simply must visit very soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post! How many of you love afternoon tea? Do I have anyone reading this with a dairy allergy or who is vegan? Do you have suggestions of anywhere else either in Dorset or nationwide I should check out? In fact let's not stick to simply the UK: tell me about your fave hangouts wherever they may be! I'm actually planning another vegan afternoon tea in Paris in December so I'm very excited to blog about that in the future.



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