My Little Box Mademoiselle September 2016

This month my beloved My Little Box have teamed up with the French clothing brand Claudie Pierlot to create a box oozing with chic Parisian style in their ‘Mademoiselle’ themed box.

Firstly: the box. The BOX! The design is just truly out of this world with a little Parisian boutique that opens in the middle with the classic My Little Box ribbon tie. The box illustration features the beautiful Freddy My Love who also features as the star of this 'Mademoiselle' box.
There was no card with an illustration this month, and instead a little blurb about the collaboration between both Claudie Pierlot and Freddy. I think both Freddy and Claudie Pierlot perfectly sum up the sophistication and chic style of this 'Mademoiselle' box. Claudie Pierlot's design are so elegant and simple in their design, and Freddy is one of my Youtube style crushes who always looks so effortlessly elegant and beautiful. Together, their style is so perfect for this box. The magazine is so evident of how their styles blend together so beautifully, and there's a gorgeous photoshoot with Freddy herself who looks every inch the Parisian style icon.

The standout lifestyle item this month is this stunning Claudie Pierlot exclusive envelope style wallet design. In a ever so Parisian way, the wallet is in a deep navy with a sweet bow detail with a pretty red edging. It's just so Parisian and it is something I instantly fell in love with as it's so me. It's absolutely something I would have picked out myself.

As for the wallet itself, it's very simple in function with a few card slots tucked into the side and a zip pouch on the back. Inside it's very roomy, and so much so that I think for travelling it would be excellent. I haven't tested it out for this, but I'm pretty sure you could fit your passport inside and certainly your phone. And for travelling anyway I actually like less cards with me (I mean no one needs a Boots card in their wallet on a weekend to Paris etc!) so I'm really excited to have this as my travel, chic wallet.

Like the Diane Von Furstenberg box from 2014, it's really special to own something by quite a luxury brand, and I really adore My Little Box for their creative collaborations and I hope there are more to come like this in the future!
The first item I picked out of the beauty bag this month was a Ginseng Shot Mask by Erborian Korean Skin Therapy, a Korean based skincare company. This sheet mask is so similar to things I spotted in Japan and I certainly love trying them all out so I really look forward to giving this a whirl to see how it performs. This particular sheet mask is infused with Ginseng which is known to be soothing and moisturising and promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, give the skin a firmer and smoother feel and enhance how radiant your complexion looks. It sounds very promising indeed and just the treat autumnal skin needs! If you're interested in getting your hands on this company in the UK it is actually available at Space NK.

Next up is the usual My Little Beauty treat and this month it's the Mademoiselle Volume Impertinent mascara which promises to add XXL volume and a doe eyed look to lashes. This is pretty much my perfect mascara requirements and so I was expecting amazing things. The first time I tried it I wasn't hugely impressed but after using it a few times now I really like it. It was quite 'wet' to start with and I just find for me personally gloopy formulas weigh down the lashes but it's become a little more worn and used now and somehow that's made it better to apply! And the packaging is just so cute: I adore the little bows!

Finally an Essie nail polish which is quite a popular addition for My Little Box. Essie is a brand that has a gorgeous range of shades and high quality products, so although they do use this brand a lot, it's still a lovely addition! This shade is totally different from anything I own, like another pink or deep red that I certainly don't need. But no, this is a seriously deep black with silver glitter that is really unique and I think when winter gets near it will be very seasonally appropriate.

I think if you're not a fan of the style of the wallet, which is such a key part of the September My Little Box, then this box might not be for you. As a Claudie Pierlot fan myself I really loved this box and to own something designed by them is again really special and something I will treasure.

The one disappointment with this box is quite trivial, but I spotted on Instagram a Claudie Pierlot design for the beauty bag and it's just so pretty! As you can see I just received a heart drawstring bag so I'm a bit gutted I missed out on the special design for this one.

If you're interested to see what other My Little Boxes look like take a little trip down memory lane if you please with my previous posts here.

What did you think of the 'Mademoiselle' box? Let me know what your thoughts are below!

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