Hemsley and Hemsley Cafe Selfridges, London

I absolutely adore the Hemsley and Hemsley girls and their two cookbooks are among my favourite cooking books that I pretty much use every single day. Therefore you can imagine my excitement when I heard the whisperings of a Hemsley and Hemsley cafe that would be opening in Selfridges on Oxford Street, London in May (my favourite store in the world, incidentally!).

If you haven't heard of the Hemsley girls they are two sisters, two extremely beautiful sisters, who create delicious recipes full of flavour and goodness but that are free from gluten, grains and refined sugar. They passionately believe in the nourishing power of real food and that eating well should be easy, affordable and enjoyable for everyone. They are known for love of spiraziling veg and have recently starred in a series for Channel 4.

I went to the cafe not long after it opened and because I had an overnight stay in London I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try their breakfast menu. I have porridge every single day pretty much, it's my favourite breakfast ever, but I have never strayed from standard oats (in fact I have a post about how I make my go-to porridge right here). Thus, I was really intrigued to try the Hemsley Buckwheat Porridge. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as real oats but actually it was just as satisfying! It was so tasty, warming and the addition of seasonal fruits, honey, goji berries and bee pollen made it that little more exotic than your usual porridge recipe.

I have the recipe for this Buckwheat Porridge (and it's also online here) in my Hemsley book but because I've been so faithful to traditional porridge making I had yet to stray from my breakfast routine, but actually tasting this in real life definitely made me change my mind. I think that's partly why the cafe is such a fabulous idea! Some of the recipes are so unusual and quirky so it's nice to test things before you buy special ingredients in. Moreover to me buckwheat is something I would use to make pancakes or in casseroles so I had no idea you could make something like porridge with it!

As for the price, this set me back £5 and I think that's okay as it's Selfridges and it's a lot more fancy than a large coffee chain, for instance. The cafe has a lovely quiet setting on the Body Studio, you have a waiter, somewhere nice to sit. As for a drink, I had a jasmine green tea because I'm not terribly adventurous when it comes to my beverages and I love green tea for breakfast. On each table was a little bit of coconut sugar which was a lovely touch and perfect if you are trying to cut down! After my breakfast I couldn't leave without a sweet treat so I had an amazing cookie which was dairy free thankfully and beyond moorish. Overall it was a fabulous experience and I hope very much to return in the future to make my way through their other delicious recipes and also maybe try a spot of lunch or something.

How many of you love the Hemsley girls too? And has anyone been to the cafe at Selfridges? Let me know below I'd love to hear from you! If you like what you see but you're not in London or from the UK I couldn't recommend their two cooking books more. Both are fantastic but the first one is super special to me. For more information about the new cafe head here.

Hemsley and Hemsley Cafe Details:

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 9:30am – 10:00pm 
Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm 

Telephone: 020 7318 3170

Selfridges & Co,
400 Oxford Street,
W1A 1AB. 

(5 minutes from Bond St tube station)



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