Music Monday: Milk & Bone

I feel like I've been slacking again with my Music Monday posts because I've been away such a lot so I wanted to pick something extra special today for your listening pleasure, and something that could inject a bit of sunshine into your Monday.

So let me introduce you to the dreamy sound of electro-pop duo Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin who go by the name Milk & Bone, from Montréal; the beautiful French-speaking part of Canada.

The duo first met as music students at Cégep de Saint-Laurent, and later performed with David Giguère's touring band. Together, they decided to begin writing and performing as a duo after being brought in as guest vocalists on Misteur Valaire's 2013 album Bellevue. In 2015, they then released their debut album 'Little Mourning' which was then longlisted as a nominee for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize.

If you're a fan of Shura, Oh Wonder, Broods and so on, you are going to love this collection of 8 tracks from Milk & Bone brimming with sweetness, light and shade to delight any electro-pop fan's ears. But at the same time, Milk & Bone are also delivering something fresh and innovative. The dreamy harmonies are there, the soaring hooks are there, but also, in this collection of gorgeous songs, you hear subtle little treats that illustrate how Milk & Bone are pushing the electro-pop boundaries. So, just as one example, you can hear the use of unconventional electro-pop instruments such as the ukulele on 'Easy to Read'.

And again, listen carefully and you'll notice that although on the outset their sound may appear to be whimsy, Milk & Bone fuse lyrics and music videos of quite evocative imagery, and yet they word-paint this in such a way that is soft and dreamy, and yet musically painted that is very deliberate in intention. This is particularly evident on tracks such as 'Pressure', one of the stand out tracks from the album, and the video for the above track 'Coconut Water'.

It is the above charm that will make you want to listen to the album really very intensely. Whilst it serves as epic background music, it's also wonderful to stick your headphones on, somewhere really peaceful and escapist, and give it your complete attention to hear the enchanting vision Milk & Bone want you to hear come to life.

I have decided to pick their song 'Coconut Water' to introduce you to what Milk & Bone do so beautifully. It's a true summer song, (I mean with a title such as that how could it not be!) and the melody is as sweet as Coconut Water itself. The lyrics are for longing, kind of like the sweetness again most of us adore about coconuts, but the mellow, hazy vibe of this dreamy song will have you either feeling blissful enjoying the sunshine or reminiscing on summer days long gone as we head into autumn.

I really hope you fall in love with Milk & Bone as much as me and if you love the sound of 'Coconut Water' above I highly suggest you listen to the whole album. For more information about this gorgeous duo head here and to their links below. Also, they have just released their beautiful new single 'Natalie' that I'm already head over heels in love with.

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