Music Monday: Anni Redemption Street EP Review

I'm taking you back to Helsinki today to share another Finnish music sensation I'm absolutely loving right now. But- wait for it- it's something a little bit different from my beloved Scandi-Pop. I know. So let me introduce you to Anni; a singer-songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. 

Anni says her newly released EP 'Redemption Street' is about authenticity, and she goes on to say that: "It’s an anthem to the future generation to be themselves and accept whatever imperfections and scars they might have in life. Once you choose to step into the path of authenticity, you walk through a mental pitch black where you are confronting everything about yourself you have been hiding and denying in order to fit in and be liked. You have to choose mercy and self-love. At the end of this dark journey, is the most awesome life you can imagine. For me, that journey was Redemption Street.” 

And Anni certainly brings us on this journey that is so personal to her, and this collection of stunning songs is both truthful and bound to pull at the heart strings of anyone who listens to it. And so to appreciate the beauty of this catalogue of music you really need to fully immerse yourself in the stories Anni is singing. 

The heart-wrenching lyrics and vocals are paired with an instrumentation of the icy synths-beats you associate with music from this part of the world, but it is also mixed with the delicate sound of the piano: acting as one of the main storytellers. 

Overall Anni takes her own style of songwriting and fuses it with contemporary scandi beats to create a 5-track EP that demonstrates an exceptionally strong musical talent that's so refreshingly different. With honest lyrics paired with emphatic instrumentation it's the perfect EP for a chilled summer day: come rain or shine (something both the UK and Finland have in common!)

I really hope you enjoy listening to Anni's beauiful music and I'd love to know what you think in the comments.


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