A Gezellig Weekend in Amsterdam

I know a lot of you are curious to hear all about my Japan adventures but because I have so many treasured photos and memories to pour over I'm skipping in time to a little weekend I had in Amsterdam just a week or so after I returned from Japan.
Some of you may remember I was in The Netherlands just two years ago now and you can step back in time to read that post right here. This little trip to the Netherlands meanwhile was centred around the annual 'Eurovision in Concert' that's held every year in Amsterdam to showcase the artists that will perform in the grand final you see on TV. Many of you know will know I'm a huge fan of Eurovision, so to be surrounded by the Eurovision spirit in one of my favourite cities was so wonderful! If, like me, you have ever dreamt of going to the real deal this is absolutely the next best thing!

On the Sunday we all had a very 'gezellig' (this is the most wonderful dutch word meaning 'cosy' really!) brunch cruising along the beautiful canals in Amsterdam with the sun pouring down making it that little bit more perfect. I couldn't recommend our brunch experience more. For €40 you are able to have a two hour boat trip, taking in every special sight Amsterdam has to offer, as well as a wonderful brunch and alcoholic beverage option. It was such a special way to see the city (other than cycling around, of course!) and so if you're planning a trip to Amsterdam anytime soon click here for more information.

Because it was a weekend with friends, and my camera was still jam packed full of photos from Japan, I actually only had my phone on me, so hence the rather 'raw' style of images! However I have included something very special for you: a little video montage of some clips I also captured on my phone. A huge big thank you to one of my favourite girlies in the world Cheryl for the clips where I feature because otherwise it looked like I wasn't present! And whilst you're at it go and follow her blog too because she's a mega babe. And whilst we're on the subject of following people I met an incredibly talented artisan during my stay who makes the beautiful cosmetic bags you see above. I picked up the Flamingo design and I couldn't love it more! The designer is 'By Lauren' and her creations are such a dream.

So how many of you adore Amsterdam just as much as me? I truly never tire of it. For me, it's one of the most relaxing city break destinations in the world. The people are beyond lovely, the canals and scenery is so stunning come rain or shine, and the whole city is drenched in so much culture and charm that every time you visit you know, or hope, it won't be the last. Oh and you all know I had to get one of those super adorable Miffys. I mean a Miffy in a Delft dress: is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? *insert heart face emoji* ;).



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