Dolce Vita, My Little Box, May 2016 AND GIVEAWAY

Ciao Bella! This month My Little Box aimed to inject a little bit of 'dolce vita' into our Spring and did they do just that? Assolutamente! This box is full of beautiful, bespoke items that will make you want to pack your weekend bag for a mini trip to Rome presto! And make sure you read right until the end as there's a lovely looking self tanner in this box that I want to see go to a loving home; so that means you can win it! Find more details at the bottom of this post.
As always there's a beautifully illustrated card with a 'everything sounds better in Italian' quote which is very true words indeed. I've always adored the Italian language, along with French, and I truly think it is one of the most beautiful. I last went to Italy when I was studying for my A Levels but it would be so wonderful to brush up on my skills.

Next up there's the My Little World magazine which is simply perfetto this month (sorry I'm probably going to slip in the odd Italian a lot in this post haha). It truly encapsulates the spirit of 'dolce vita' and though small, packs in a gorgeous Italian fashion spread with the beautiful Alix from Cherry Blossom Girl as the model, the best places to go in Florence (one of my favourite cities in the world!), and of course some wonderful pasta dishes. 

As this a box celebrating all things Italian style there of course had to be a few fashion accessories and this included this beautiful gold leaf ring and a pretty bandeau style headband. The ring is so pretty and dainty. I actually wear just two rings, both I feel I'm kind of 'known for' so I don't really own many others. This however would be gorgeous with simple summer dresses and it's definitely inspired me to spice it up a bit this season.

The next accessory is a turban headband which of course is very retro and classic in style with a lovely print. Even though I make my own turban headbands at Beauxoxo I definitely still love and appreciate this item in my box!

I'm so excited for the beauty items this month and I'm actually really happy one of them is a self tanner because I can't use it, so it's a great, easy way for one of you to try something from My Little Box, especially if you're not subscribed or your country doesn't offer the service (sad face). Anyway, whilst we're on the talk of the tanner let's talk about that first. Named 'Bains De Soleil' it's a 'My Little Beauty' creation that promises to add an illuminating glow and moisturise in this self tanner design. It sounds lovely, but as a redhead with snow white skin I'm not interested in anything tanning related, so head to the bottom of this post to be in with a chance of winning it.

But even though the tanner is not for me I'm so excited to try the other two beauty items. The first is a body oil from Baija. I'm already spellbound by the beautiful scents of Baija from the My Little Creative Box and I'm actually using the 'Crème Moana Fleur de Tiaré' body cream right now and it is so heavenly! Because there's a discount code in the box I'm actually going to buy some more, and that's so unlike me with body lotion because normally I'm not terribly loyal! Anyway, back to the body oil! This is the Jasmine Green Tea scent, found here, that smells as heavenly as the previously mentioned moisturiser. I can't wait to use this in summer as something a bit lighter.

Finally, a gorgeous perfume by Courreges called 'La Fille de l`Air' which was created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin of Firmenich. It's one of those gorgeous floral scents that is so light and well, yes, 'airy', that will put a spring in your step, and be the perfect choice for summer: day or night. With a gorgeous heady mix of orange blossom, complimented by sparkling notes of bergamot it smells so gorgeous. The small size is perfect for travel and I already know it will come on all of my summer adventures.
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This post is the perfect excuse for a Audrey Hepburn 'Roman Holiday' gif, dontcha think? I think so! And so overall io amo the Dolce Vita box! It truly captures the glamour of Italy and that 'dolce vita' so well and I'm so excited to try out some of the beauty products in particular. The only problem is that I can't stop thinking about jetting off to Italy and my holiday time is fully maxed out. Perhaps next year!

But to my fellow My Little Box'ers- what do you think of the box this month? Si o no per voi? ;) 

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I have no use for this lovely self tanner in my box so I want to give it to one of my lovely readers! And there are two ways you can enter, it's up to you! 
1. To enter simply via my blog simply leave me a comment on this post telling me what you love most about Italy. It could be fashion, food....absolutely anything! The rules are that you must pretty please follow my blog on Bloglovin. To do that click here. And that's it! 
2. Simply RT this tweet right here. You must follow my page too.
3. You can enter both ways or just one way. I'll add them together to get the winner.
RULES: The giveaway will end 5th June 2016 at 9.30am GMT. I'm so happy this will go to a loving home! In bocca al lupo (good luck!) ♥ 

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  1. i have never been but the food looks incredible


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