My Little Flower Box, My Little Box April 2016

It's truly my favourite time of year and it was made even better when this prettiest floral box from My Little Box arrived in the post full of the prettiest of things. Called 'My Little Flower Box' it's designed  as a book and decorated in soft, pretty orange and teal green watercolours. Immediately I'm in love so let's see if the story gets better....


The first item inside is a little pop-up garden. I feel things such as this are ever so My Little Box (or should that be 'My Little Book' this month!) and very different from other monthly boxes. It has a pretty Parisian scene and a sachet of seeds. I'll certainly give it a try and see, although I'm hoping it doesn't aggravate my hayfever (the one and only sadness this time of year brings!)

The next item is something I just adore and it's a lingerie bag worth £13. I've been going away for lots of weekend adventures this year and plan to go on a few more this year so this is exactly what I've been looking for. As I type this, it's currently packed away in my weekend bag for Paris next weekend and it feels very luxurious indeed. It's items like this that truly make me realise why I love this whole company and idea so much.

The beauty items are all things I love very much and I'm very excited to try them. Having said that, I made the terrible mistake of Googling the French version of 'My Little Flower Box' this month and discovered they actually receive more items so that was ever so slightly crushing!

With that all being said, I genuinely am pleased with the items I received. The first being a cherry blossom shower gel from L'Occitane  which seeing as I've just been to Japan is bringing very happy memories back. The next is a Rose Detoxifying Face Mask from My Little Corner. My skin could do with a little pick-me-up so I'm looking forward to trying this and the My Little Corner range is really fantastic. Last of all there is the inclusive of a Nails Inc nail polish. My bottle is actually a base coat. Normally I wouldn't be too excited however I actually was in need of a new base coat so this is pretty perfect timing and will save me going off to find a replacement!

Overall I can't really fault this box too much because I'm just so in love with the lingerie bag for my travels and the beauty items are things that really interest me. Obviously my one tiny problem is that I peeked at the French boxes and I have now noticed they get more, I can't help but wonder if this is a regular thing? Anyway, I'm happy with everything I personally received and the actual box itself is beautiful and I cannot wait to think of something special to store in it now.

But to my fellow My Little Box'ers- what do you think of the box this month?

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