Strawberry Gazpacho Teeth Whitening Recipe and BlanX Whitening Products

Some of you may know that this year I started on a treatment of Invisalign. Because of this I've become very aware of keeping my teeth as healthy as possible by eating a healthy diet and using products that don't irritate teeth as with anyone who has had braces, or is undergoing a similar treatment knows only too well just how often you have to brush your teeth!

I've tried a variety of products this year but my favourite has been BlanX because their range is gentle and not abrasive. I discovered the range back at University, miles before Invisalign was on my mind, and have used it ever since. By complete coincidence, BlanX's PR team recently emailed me to see if I would be interested in trying some of their whitening products. As I've reached the half point in my Invisalign treatment now I am wary of the stories that treatment such as mine can discolour teeth slightly, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see just how well they worked.
The first product I was sent is the Blanx Advanced Whitening toothpaste which is based on ingredients derived from natural Arctic Lichen. It was so nice to use a toothpaste that leaves you with that fresh feel but without that feeling that it's wearing your teeth down! I combined this with Blanx's Extra White Intensive Treatment as this is an intensive whitening treatment that works to remove stains fast but has a formula that again is non abrasive. I used this twice a day for two weeks, in between using the whitening toothpaste, and I was really happy with the results which I've popped above. Not very flattering I know, but at least you can the results despite wearing braces consistently for over a year now.

As well as sending me the lovely samples to try above they also included a video in their email with Alkaline guru and founder of Honestly Healthy Food, Natasha Corrett who is working with BlanX to look at ways to maintain a white smile using natural products and foods. I'm a huge, huge fan of Natasha's healthy recipes and so this combination is perfect.

Because whilst BlanX products contain natural whitening extracts and non-abrasive ingredients that don’t damage the enamel, this does work effectively when combined with a healthy nutritional lifestyle. Natasha’s top tips include how to combine the best products and natural foods to maintain a healthy smile, and a recipe idea for Strawberry Gazpacho, a chilled soup using a range of delicious, healthy whitening ingredients. 

Other foods that help to naturally whiten teeth:

•  Strawberries
•  Cauliflower 
•  Apples 
•  Celery 
•  Carrots

As Natasha says: ‘BlanX is great for helping to restore teeth to their natural whiteness without damaging the enamel, and it’s best to compliment it with other natural whiteners. A healthy smile starts with a healthy diet, consuming the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones. “Strawberries are fantastic natural whiteners because they contain Malic Acid, which removes surface stains from teeth and whitens the enamel. I’ve created a recipe that is a twist on a traditional chilled Gazpacho, using strawberries to make it more ‘tooth friendly’. “Simple measures such as avoiding too much coffee and red wine, eating these prime healthy foods and using a natural whitening toothpaste can keep teeth looking tip top and sparkling, without spending a fortune on chemical whitening treatments.” This is such a lovely recipe as we come into Spring and Natasha's recipes always come out perfectly. 
Where to purchase Blanx products:

• BlanX Advance Whitening Toothpaste: RRP: £7.49 
• BlanX Classic White Toothpaste: RRP: £4.99 
• BlanX Intensive Stain Removal: RRP: £4.20 
• BlanX Extrawhite Intensive Whitening Treatment: RRP: £10.20 BlanX® 

How many of you are Honestly Healthy and Blanx fans? I highly, highly recommend both! For more information head here



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