REVIEW: Photography Beyond Auto: Switch off Auto Mode and Take Better, More Original Photos by Chris Gatcum

There's nothing I love more or appreciate than photography, but as for myself, I'm not tremendously gifted as a photographer and that's really because I don't know much about it, other than of course the photographers that I like and admire and a personal aesthetic inspiration for my own particular photography tastes.

Having said that, I'm a sponge for information when it comes to photography, as it is my hope one day that I can become better at it. I learnt so much from Kirst and I always ask my Beauxoxo photographers endless questions that they are so kind and patient to answer! At this moment however I'm very much a 'auto' photography person for the most part. I definitely dabble with a few settings because I don't own photoshop or any editing software, but I would certainly be described as a beginner.

One day I'd love to take a course of some kind but because this year is so booked out with all things Japan and travel I was thrilled to be contacted by JOY to review a copy of 'Photography Beyond Auto: Switch off Auto Mode and Take Better, More Original Photos' by Chris Gatcum from JOY.

I've been flicking through this book on my lunch breaks and it's really clear and is perfect in tone for the novice photographer. It's extremely well-written and is very approachable to a somewhat intimidating field of knowledge. At least, this is how photography has been for me! There's a lot of information about the science and formula behind taking a good photo and there's a fabulous glossary of camera terms at the back for you to impress any pro you encounter in the future! Chris Gatchum takes you through how your camera works, all those nitty, gritty technical features to the science to editing, a 101 to what camera lens does what and so much more.

Again, this book is very much aimed at the beginner, but I think even those with an intermediate understanding could enjoy it as well. To grab a copy of this book and start your photography adventures head here to JOY's Home and Gift page for just £10.

So, here's to hopefully more professional photos from now on! Though it may take considerable time to implement, it's a good goal to have! This book certainly allows me to make sense of how a camera works so that when a good photo moment arises I will be able to not engage a creative mind but also technical one, too!

Does anyone already have a copy of 'Photography Beyond Auto'? Are you a photography fan? If so, where did you learn your skill?



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