Music Monday: White Balance

If your Monday needs a little brightening I have a lovely electro-pop number for you as my Music Monday feature today. Let me introduce you to White Balance: a Helsinki based electro-pop duo comprising of vocalist Maaria Nuoranne and producer Ilari Heinilä. Their dreamy sound takes your ears to a world where pulsating beats meet silky vocals and dreamy melodies that any Scandinavian music fan will adore.

Maaria and producer Ilari Heinilä discovered they had a shared love for alternative music at the tender age of 15 and embarked on a friendship defined by sharing their finds in MSN Messenger (oh those were the days!). Though Ilari had his roots in hardcore and rock and Maaria grew up in a family surrounded by classical music, they soon began composing together after swapping songs from artists like Imogen Heap, The Knife and Emancipator, many of whose influences have undoubtedly permeated into their own music.

Today I'm featuring their latest release 'Hunter', a captivating track recalling, "those lonely nights when you feel like your own thoughts become your worst enemies; when you just want to sleep but your mind won't leave you alone".  I think this is something we can all relate to at one time or another, and these themes are beautifully fused together by producer Ilari Heinilä's whose soft gentle beats perfectly complement the soothing vocals of singer Maaria Nuoranne to make this a track that will soothe your soul immediately and send you into a dreamy state of mind. The video perfectly captures the theme of the track where we see various scenes of the men in a room bathed in a different unnaturally coloured light and fighting their own demons.

I have no doubt that this is a very exciting time for this electro-pop duo who have already established themselves as Scandinavian newcomers that are already ones to watch. Their sound is so confident and assuring, and with their fascinating musical backgrounds I cannot wait to see how they bring this magic to many more songs.

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