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Today I'm so very excited to feature someone who I think is the next Scandinavian songstress to take the music industry by a storm. And so let me introduce you to Helsinki-based indie-pop artist Lyel. Originally a native of Germany, Lyel moved to Finland to realise her dreams as an artist, and with only a couple of releases out so far, she has already been named an artist destined for fame by YleX, the Finnish equivalent of the BBC.

Scandinavia of course has had a history of female electronica, indie pop artists that include MØ, Susanne Sundfør, Björk, Aurora, Anna of the North, Tove Lo and Say Lou Lou, just to name a few.
But for the the longesy time it is Sweden that has been synonymous with a plethora of chart topping electro pop successes. Now it's Finland's time to shine because Lyel, like Feels who I featured a few weeks ago, is another Helsinki based indie-pop artist starting to make waves in the Nordic music industry. I've had her tracks on loop ever since I first heard them and they instantly made an impression on me and I feel like I've been a fan for months not weeks. So, let's have a listen and see if you agree!

‘Shadow’ is actually the third single from Lyel and yet I'm starting this post with this song because according to Lyel herself, it is a song that best describes her as an artist. And so we begin this track with a haunting little synth opening that leads to dark, edgy lyrics that builds to a strong, empowering chorus. I really love the symbolism of the light and shade, the 'shadow' in this track. It's crafted really beautifully even from the lovely lifts towards the chorus, the light, to the stagnant synth beat over the darker lyrics, the shadow. Overall it is for sure a haunting synth-pop song but sprinkled with a large dose of Nordic sparkle that will instantly get you singing it back.

If I had to pick just one of Lyel's track to be a favourite I think 'Raven' would be it. With a glorious nod to the 80s with a strong pulsating synth bass rhythm underlying the whole track, Lyel's silky sweet echoey vocals soar through the chorus to make this one mighty fine ballad esque pop song. From 2.30 there is the most divine icy rising synth melody that will have you imagining you're in a lush icy Scandinavian backdrop. It's so deliciously enigmatic and you will want to play this again and again and then some more.

The final song from Lyel today is 'Waterproof' and my word what a powerhouse of happiness and empowerment this song is. The lyrics are so sweet, and again the 80s synth palette makes it a true pop gem. The catchy chorus hook will instantly grab your attention and I can imagine this on radio stations across the world because it has such a far reaching appeal. The shimmering synth and trickling electro beat make it that little bit more special, and calls to mind Lyel's beautiful Scandinavian surroundings. Actually, as I'm listening to this right now I'm imagining a particular spot in Iceland, Skógafoss, a gorgeous waterfall where the sun shone on a breezy August day creating the most spectacular rainbow. See where your imagination takes you! And absolutely love the video. It captures the dreamy essence to the song perfectly!


I do hope you've enjoyed hearing the music of Lyel with me today, and if you have, I urge you to download or stream Lyel's beautiful music right now because she is just starting out and truly is destined for magical things. Share it with your liked minded music-soul friends like I will or head to her social media below to tell her how much you love what she's doing! She's the loveliest, sweetest girl and has incredible interaction with her supporters.

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