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Regular readers to my blog will know there’s pretty much nothing more I love in this world than electro pop music, and especially scandinavian pop music (otherwise known as 'Scandic-Pop'). Growing up, because my Dad’s company is based in Finland and Sweden, I spent quite a lot of time in both countries so I have such a love for the countries and my ears are particularly tuned into what’s happening around those parts. I was therefore thrilled to be contacted by Jere Leskinen, the management for the new Scandic-Pop act on the block from Finland called Feels for my Music Monday today.

Feels was formed by singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog and producer Jooel Jons. Together the sparkling trio describe their music as, ‘epic, gripping and toned with northern melancholy’.

I really love the idea of this ‘northern melancholy’. I haven't really ever thought of it like that before but subconsciously it's a huge theme and appeal to electro-pop from this beautiful part of the world. And it’s in fact true that so much Scandi pop, and dream pop, sounds very melancholic from the outset. For me however it’s actually used to poignantly, and beautifully illustrate the open, icy, shimmering landscapes that of course countries like Finland has. So on Feels  first EP ‘Butterflies’ we have the perfect Scandi-pop, indietronica mixture of soaring electronic synths and icy melodies with beautiful lyrics beneath that combines into a dreamy, grandiose sound with a huge sense of hope ahead. Here's a rundown of each track from the EP.

'Paperhouse' is the most stunning introduction to this EP. It's a song with a true sense of nostalgia and longing that is perfectly captured in Sofi's sweet and tender vocals. But that sweetness is mixed with a heightened sense of longing turned to despair on the delivery of lines such as 'I broke into your house' with a flurry of synth and steady build up of percussive instrumentation for ultimate effect.

From 2.26 the song builds to the most gorgeous outro of an icy, shimmering, electro-melodic line that builds with silky harmonies upon a climax of beautiful bird song which together leaves you feeling so at one and peaceful. Thus, you feel there's some sort of resolution in those feelings as well. It's the perfect conclusion to this beautiful track.

'I Wished For Butterflies' has a punchy, fun electronic line that it builds that could be interpreted as the wish for not only something more (whatever that 'something' may be) but also the metamorphosis of the butterfly in nature. From 2:12 it again builds up to the most gorgeous conclusion of glittering synths as if the butterfly has broken free.

'If You'd Meet Me Tonight' is a beautiful, poignant ballad which is quite clearly about love and pain and will make you feels all the feels. Like what I did there? ;). Whilst it has an undeniable Scandic-Pop beat and sound to it, it also has a sweet and nostalgic 60s girl group quality to it as well, and this is particularly illustrated in their music video I've included above. It's utterly romantic and Sofi's sweet delivery makes you feel utterly nostalgic and into a state of pure serenity.

Of all the tracks on this EP it's without a doubt 'Smoke Signals' that has the most grit. I love it just because it's playful but it's also so gorgeously dark and enigmatic. This is particularly illustrated in the music video here. From 1.40 there's a wild flurry of a playful synth beats and from 2.57 it builds to a truly irresistible epic sounding finale that truly calls to mind the spectacular Finnish backdrop. It's that type of music where you want to be tucked up in a gorgeous Finnish cabin with a hot chocolate by your side and you never know, the appearance of the Northern Lights perhaps!

So 'Next Time' is a track Feels are kindly allowing you download for free so before you do anything, click that little arrow above and we can enjoy this gorgeous track together. 'Next Time' again has a little of that lovely little call and response 'do-wop' nostalgia that I love so much about 60s girl groups. Together it's made that little bit more epic, and oh-so-2016 with the ebb and flow of twinkling icy electronics that are so confident and assured for a debut. Sofi's angelic vocals blend heavenly with the flurry of instrumentation, and her almost siren call through the harmonies give so much hope and light this song that will make you feel so uplifted. I think this is a theme throughout so much Scandi-pop music. There's for sure a hint of 'Northern melancholy' you can hear, that often sort of soul-searching prolonged melodic and synth lines, but ultimately it's always nestled against an  epic conclusion or build up of some kind.

I really hope you will enjoy the beautiful sound of Feels as much as I do. I truly think big things are destined for them. This gorgeous indietronica and electro-pop sound is so in right now and I think they have so many amazing songs under their belt already because for a debut it's honestly spectacular.

Please do buy and stream the EP 'Butterflies' released today, and don't forget to download the free song 'Next Time'. If you love what you hear share away.

Who are you listening to this week? Do you have any other electro-pop acts you want to share? Let me know what you think of Feels below!


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