How to make Paper Hydrangeas, Cath Kidston Mother’s Day Craft Project

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I have a lovely little DIY to share with you from the ever so lovely Cath Kidston. I was so thrilled to be contacted by their wonderful PR team as I truly adore their range and have done for the longest time now.

All this month Cath Kidston have created some DIYs for Mother's Day and the spring season ahead that you can read all about on their blog. Because of this, Cath Kidston very kindly sent me a wonderful craft box full of goodies to make some Paper Hydrangeas for Mother's Day. It would however also be a wonderful DIY for Spring as well, and especially as it is all centred around their stunning new Highgate Rose print that I simply adore.

Now, I did try and make a video for this project and it's currently sat in i-movie being a complete pain because it simply will not process. Because of this I don't have many photos regrettably, however, I will however persist with getting the video uploaded because I filmed me making the flowers from start to finish. Meanwhile, you can follow along with the steps below and don't forget to head to Cath Kinston's blog for more information. This DIY was created by the very talented A Petal Unfolds and can be adapted in many different ways.

You will need:

  • Crepe Paper- Doublette crepe paper for the petals, green florist crepe and 40gsm Crepe for the stems and centres
  • Strong card
  • Floral wire 20 gauge
  • Wire cutters
  • Tacky Glue
  • Ruler
  • A milk jug to display your flowers, like Cath Kinston's lovely new High Gate Rose Milk Jug design
  • Scissors


1. Cut templates from strong card following the measurements on the template image above.

2. Cut a thin strip of crepe paper about 0.5cm thick and 10cm long against the grain of the paper and stretch between your fingers.

3. To form the centre of the flower, glue and wrap the paper around the end of the floral wire to form a rounded shape at the top (about 3mm thick). You can cut the floral wire down to the length that you wish with the wire cutters at this point.

4. Cut four petals from doublette crepe making sure the grain of the paper runs with the height of the template you are using.

5. Apply a scraping of glue at the cut ends of each petal and glue around the centre of the flower at 90 degrees to each other, overlapping as you go. The centre of the flower should be just peeking above the bottom of the petal.

6. Cut strips of crepe for the stem about 1cm wide and 15cm long against the grain. You can also cut 2 leaves from the green florist crepe, making sure you follow the direction of the grain.

7. Stretch the green strips for your stem and glue at the base of the petals on the diagonal. Hold the flower with your right hand at the top of the stem and turn clockwise, bringing the strip of crepe down with your left hand. Continue to the bottom of the flower, then cut and glue the end, pinching together to hold.

8. Apply glue to the stems of both leaves and then wrap the stem again, but this time about 2.5 cm from the flowerhead, place the ends of the leaves on the strip before you wrap round, so they catch in the strip as you wrap round. Place one leaf in then rotate the flower and strip, putting the other leaf in.

9. To make larger blooms, wrap 3 flowers together with thicker strips of crepe about 1.5cm wide, then wrap sets of 3 blooms together to create a full flowerhead.

A huge thank you to Cath Kinston for allowing me to take part in this project. I absolutely loved making the delicate paper hydrangea flowers and it was such a lovely relaxing craft to make. My Mum is absolutely thrilled with the flowers and the jug and I can't wait to experiment with more paper flowers from my leftover crepe paper.

I hope you enjoyed this post and do let me know if you'd to see some more Spring DIY posts and what they should be.



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