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You may already know that I'm a huge fan of the Paul and Joe beauty range and I have a previous post about their lipsticks here.

Earlier in the year I visited the Paul and Joe sister store in the Passy area of Paris and couldn't help but pick up a few more beauty treats!
I decided to pick up two products that I needed: a powder and a highlighter. I've always wanted a loose powder with a vintage esque powder poof and the Paul and Joe design is perfect. You are able to pick from 3 shades that are housed in this stunning oversized pot with floral detail. It's the dreamiest container and poof combo that sits proudly on any dressing table! 

The powder itself is enriched with Sweet Honeysuckle that blends with rich Jojoba Oil to give the skin a lustrous satin-like finish. The powder alone is £20 for 23g which does place it at the higher end price bracket. Thankfully, I actually managed to get this for a wonderful price of £10 as they only had a light shade left without a box. I really love this powder so far and it not only makes the skin feel so silky soft, but it also does a very good job at mattifying the skin as well.

My final purchase was a beautiful highlighter that I was able to pick an adorable cat container to place it in. This is my favourite aspect of the Paul and Joe beauty range, and it means you can keep the gorgeous container you spent ages deciding on (in my case!) and you can then re-fill to your hearts content for effortless beauty on-the-go.

The shade I picked up, simply named 'Cheek Colour 1' is a beautiful creamy powder highlight with one part that is slightly matte, and the other part has a lovely shimmer. All of the cheek colours are infused with moisturising ingredients such as Hibiscus Flower Extract and Orange Flower Water, Jojoba Oil and White Lily Extract to hydrate the skin as well as adding definition and a pop of colour to the cheeks. So far I absolutely adore this and it's much better for me than a liquid highlighter.

How many of you also loved Paul and Joe beauty? If you're not near a physical shop do not fear because there are plenty of websites that sell the range online and if you click here I have an example Google search. And my second question for you all is if any of you are Paul and Joe fans what do you recommend?



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