My 15 Favourites of 2015

It's a fresh sparkling new year, 2016 (shall we all just gasp at how quickly 2015 went by?!), and it's that time when many bloggers look back on the year before and there's soon a plethora of amazing posts (such as lovely Zoe's) to enjoy.

Because unfortunately I do not possess the wonderful written skills of my fellow favourite blogging ladies, I thought I'd recreate my post from last year: My 14 Favourites of 2014. This end of year post idea was inspired by the wonderful Jody from Monroe Misfit Make Up and I'd love to see your favourites as well, so do let me know below in the comments.

On the subject of my favourites posts, last year I decided to stop my monthly favourites in favour of creating seasonal favourites like so. Let me know if you think this is a good feature! Anyway, enough natter: here's what I've adored in 2015.
1. Favourite Perfume: Annick Goutal Vanille Exquise

Whilst I've only owned the full sized bottle of this for half a year now I feel I do chat about it an awful lot on here (sorry!)! But if you're a regular reader here you know I do adore my vanilla scents. Sometimes vanilla is very hard to get right. It's either too artificial and sickly sweet or sensual and rich. This is most definitely the latter. It's truly the most beautiful vanilla fragrance. It's a truly stunning heady mix of angelica, almond, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and guaiac wood. It's quite intense when you first apply it, but after a moment or two it settles in to become a very authentic, warm and cosy vanilla. The only problem? At £87 a bottle (I got mine in Paris for about £70) it's quite expensive so I'd recommend trying a tester if you can.
2. Favourite Beauxoxo Collection: Boudoir Headband Collection

I've had so many fun Beauxoxo collections I've adored making this year but if I had to pick just one it would be my new Boudoir Headbands. Some time ago now I made the first one of these just for my own personal use when either applying make up and skincare. My friends and family suggested to me I should sell them at Beauxoxo and voila: the range was born! For the photoshoot I really wanted to bring some old vintage Hollywood glamour to the present day so I hired a studio in Liverpool and had a lot of fun turning it into a 50s boudoir! I'm so happy with the response the range has had and I'm very excited to launch a blogger exclusive soon. Meanwhile, you can shop the range right here, and for behind the scenes of the photoshoot click right on here.
3. Favourite Magazine: Paulette

Whilst I'm sat here typing this on my laptop in 2016, I still favour a good ol' magazine between you and me. There's just something so special and escapist about finding a magazine you can get totally lost in and Paulette is exactly that for me. Because I've travelled such a lot to France lately, and I'm always trying to improve my French, I've just become very in love with picking up a magazine or two whenever I'm there. Paulette est donc parfait pour moi. Think a little bit Teen Vogue, a little bit Nylon and a smidge of Company magazine and you have Paulette. The photoshoots are so dreamy and it's packed with recipes, DIYs, interviews with inspiring ladies and gents and so much more. If you are ever in France and share my sort of style you'll adore this even if you can't understand French very well. I love it so much I actually subscribed here.
4. Favourite Eyeshadow Palette: Too Faced Chocolate Palette

I mentioned this last year so it just goes to show how much I adore this palette! In fact, Too Faced have been my constant favourite of 2015. I truly think they are owning it right now. Firstly, I just adore Jerrod, the creator and he injects so much positivity and creativity into the beauty world. And in a world where there is a new neutral palette every way you turn, Too Faced tick every box with their cutest Chocolate Bar palettes. The delicious smell of cocoa is of course heavenly but the shades are beautiful and the range of shades is amazing. I couldn't recommend this more!
5. Favourite Fashion Piece: Disaster Designs Butterfly Satchel Bag

It was quite hard to narrow down just one fashion item I loved in 2015 but overall it had to be this pretty Butterfly Satchel I picked up in Boudoir Boutique, Liverpool. It's the perfect size for anything from a day trip to an evening class and the design is so unique. I'm terrified the butterflies will fall off but over a year now and still going strong! For the haul this photo is from take a trip down memory lane here.
6. Favourite Blusher: Laduree Pressed Cheek Color 02

I became quite besotted with Laduree make up this year and finally, at long last, I was able to shop the range in person at the Paris Sephora. The packaging is of course so pretty that it's easy to want absolutely everything, but I narrowed it down to this beautiful cameo blusher in the shade 02. It's the prettiest pinky-peach and not really honestly that unique, however, it is truly a work of art and I adore it. Thus, it makes my favourites because I'm a sucker for a beautiful make up product. I'll review it very soon!
7. Favourite Food: Divine Raspberry Chocolate

This year I feel is the year I became a chocolate connoisseur! Most people think anyone with a dairy allergy can't eat chocolate full stop, but dark chocolate is absolutely fine, so long as you of course check the ingredients thoroughly. I've always just been a plain, dark chocolate girl, going from 70% to 90%, but this year I decided to spice up my chocolate taste palette with more exotic ingredients and now I can't get enough! Literally anything from raspberry, coconut to rose and violet and lavender. I'll try it all! In fact, if you ever fancy a really exotic chocolate trip head to the Food Hall of Selfridges. There's a 100% cocoa bar that I always stock up on. I'm crazy I know ;)
8. Favourite Skincare: Paula's Choice

I virtually changed all my skincare to Paula's Choice this year and my skin has loved me for it! I decided to try the range after seeing so many amazing reviews for their exfoliating toners and the love affair has grown from there. I really love Paula's no-nonsense approach to skincare and, whilst a little pricey, her whole range has balanced my skin so much and I'd highly recommend it. I just wish physical shops could stock the range but samples are available.
9. Favourite Nail Polish: OPI Hawaii Collection 'Just Lana'ing Around' Nail Polish 

Every time I decide to paint my nails for some reason I always come back to this shade and so it certainly deserves a mention in my favourite products of the year. I first mentioned it in my February 2015 favourites here and I've loved it ever since. It's a really gorgeous purpley, mauve that will see you through every single season. 
10. Favourite Haircare: Knots No More Strawberry Milkshake Detangling Spray

This is another product mentioned in my February 2015 favourites so it twas quite the month for finding new beauty gems! This is actually something I spotted in Waitrose and it's a detangling spray aimed at children! Having said that, it works amazingly for anyone. I apply this to wet hair and it works a treat at softening and detangling the hair before styling. The strawberry milkshake scent is an absolute dream and similar to LUSH's American Cream. If you're not near a Waitrose you can also get it online here for just £2.99. 
11. Favourite drink: Jasmine Green Tea

Until this year I had completely written tea off as something I could never like. That was however until I discovered the variety of teas on the market that require no milk and I was opened up to an amazing world of tea, tea, tea! My favourite has become Green Tea, and my favourite variety of Green Tea is Jasmine Green Tea. If you've read my post about Afternoon Tea at the Ritz you'll know this furthered my love of Jasmine Tea. Other notable teas I adore include Peppermint Tea, which is wonderful for a poorly tummy, and Chamomile that I love to drink before I go to bed. Oh tea: I totally get it now!
 12. Favourite read: 'Get The Glow' by Madeline Shaw

I'm a huge fan of Deliciously Ella, Honestly Healthy, Hemsley and Hemsley and of course my beloved Karen Fischer (author of Healthy Skin Diet who saved my eczema ridden skin) but my favourite cook-book/nutrition book in 2015 came from Madeline Shaw with her debut 'Get The Glow'. I absolutely love Madeline and I just think she talks such sense. A lot of this 'clean eating' stuff bothers me slightly I must admit, but Madeline is all about simple life changes and a plethora of easy to source, easy to cook and wholesome healthy food that is achievable for anyone. I've made so many of her dishes for my family and friends and they love them as much I as I do which is a true testament to her amazing work. If you're after a good healthy cookbook for 2016 grab a copy here and thank me later ;).
13. Favourite Place: Paris

I simply couldn't finish this post without saying a few words about my love for Paris, a city I have spent a lot of 2015 in, and of course my absolute horror of the devastating events that happened in November. I have so many dear friends in this beautiful city, and I will never ever forget that night. My heart aches for the victims and their families and friends. I truly believe that against the forces of darkness and terror that love and compassion shall always, always prevail and I wanted to add again how beautiful this city is, not only by its grandeur, but by the people and their spirit. Vive la France <3.
14. Favourite Youtuber: Sally Jo

It was so hard to pick just one single blogger or Youtuber but in the end I decided to pick the lovely New Zealand beauty vlogger Sally Jo. Like so many in the UK, I have family in New Zealand so to hear the accent, and to have a bit of an insight into our friends across the oceans, is always quite comforting. But more than that, Sally is just such a fantastic Youtuber and beauty vlogger. She uploads twice a week, so there's always new content, and because we share similar pale skin tones I know her tutorials will always suit me. And she truly is so talented at make up. This was probably my favourite video: her Too Faced Chocolate Bar tutorial which is of course another of my 2015 favourites! Definitely head on over to Sally's channel and subscribe here. I think she will become mega famous in 2016!

15. Favourite music: Vanessa Carlton 'Liberman'

Finally my favourite music of 2015 is Vanessa Carlton's latest release 'Liberman'. Boy oh boy was it hard to pick just one artist, so perhaps I could do my favourite artists of 2015? Whilst many do just know Vanessa Carlton as a one-hit-wonder from her runaway song 'A Thousand Miles', I've loved her ever since, and have so admired her musical evolution to date. She's always been so true to herself and her authentic style, and this is most evident on this new album. My favourite is 'Blue Pool' which is in a word: majestic. The waltzy piano is truly magical and you feel transported to a truly calming, beautiful oasis. The whole album is a dream. A glorious dream, and it's perfect for times you want to escape this mad busy world with your earphones tucked up in bed. Just wonderful, dreamy music.


And that completes my current little loves and obsessions for 2015. So how about you? Do share with me below I love to hear!



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