2015-2016 Large Agenda

Because it's officially 2016 everywhere may I start this post by wishing you all a very happy new year! I hope 2016 brings you all the blessings, love and happiness that you deserve.

With a new year of course comes a brand spanking new diary. For years I've always had a Cath Kidston diary that I really do love but I just fancied something a bit different this year. I've spotted so much love for the agendas lately and I just thought it would be the perfect medium of being a very detailed general diary, but also with so many more additional features that make it a fantastic goal planner and agenda all in one.

If you've yet to open your copy of this planner I really don't to give away too many spoilers but hopefully from the photos above you'll see just how fabulous this is! The planner goes from August 2015 to December 2016 (unfortunately I picked it up in October so I didn't really need it until today). You then have a page of adorable stickers that are so much fun and almost too wonderful to use! You have have a list of key dates for the year (note they are American so it has fun things like 'Cotton Candy Day' but obviously none of the specific UK key dates). There's then a notes section at the beginning of each month, pages for your own personal important dates, super fun weekend ideas, lovely bits of random inspiration and of course a plethora of gorgeous illustrations. To keep your place there's a handy ribbon bookmark as well so you always know what's going on and when!

I'm already so in love with this planner and I totally understand the hype now! The Florabunda design is incredibly feminine and girly but they are also available in lots of over designs. My only negative is how hard they are hard to get hold of as they are so in demand! As crazy as it sounds, I'd recommend ordering the 2017 edition as soon as you see it!

But before I finish this post I just want to say a big thank you to every single one of you for taking the time to read this. To every single customer, every social media friend, my models, photographers, make up and hair artists, web designers, interns, workers for Beauxoxo and of course you. Yes you: reader of my dearest blog. You truly all make it all possible for me to do what I love so much, and I am so thankful to have your support.

A new year marks a new beginning, and I'm excited for everything I have planned for 2016 so far. For new adventures, new people to meet, and for new memories to create. And this is everything I hope for you all too and so I'm wishing you the happiest New Year ever. I hope that 2016 gives you the opportunity to realise your dreams, rediscover your strengths, keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and that with courage and faith you conquer everything you desire. I believe in you! And thank you for believing in me.

And whilst we're discussing the new year, is there anything you want to see at Beauxoxo or my blog in 2016? What posts do you like the best, and what don't you like? Any Beauxoxo designs you want to see? Craft video tutorials? I'd really love to know.

So back on topic: what planner or agenda did you get this year? Did you manage to find a agenda? And do you have any resolutions or goals you have for the new year? I'd love to know!



  1. stuff is so gorgeous, unfortunately the planner I wanted was sold out when I tried to get it! Very jealous, have fun using it :)

    Claire | xx

  2. Happy New Year Georgie, you lovely lady you!

    What a beautiful planner! I half wish I'd picked one of these up too now! The stickers, typography and page layouts are just gorgeous. Wishing you every health, happiness, love and success for 2016 <3


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