Another Little Liverpool Shopping Haul

So you know the drill by now: I go to Liverpool and I pick up some pretties! I was recently in one of my favourite cities to spend some time with my family and to also shoot the new Beauxoxo Spring and Summer 2016 look book. Behind the scenes from that photoshoot can be seen right here and my post all about the wonderful Tea Parlour is here for your viewing pleasure. But right now, let's dive into the things I fell in love with.
One of my favourite things about shopping in Liverpool is that you can shop at virtually ever big name beauty name from a freestanding MAC and Illamasqua store to an amazing collection of Too Faced, The Balm, Urban Decay and so many more. Because of this, I had to be super restraint, and I'm very proud that I didn't get (too) carried away!

After much deliberation I decided to get the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. I'm actually so surprised I didn't pounce on this as soon as it was released as my Bloglovin' and Twitter pages have been flooded with drool worthy images and swatches and yet somehow I resisted until now. I'm now so incredibly happy I got this beauty because I am a huge Gwen Stefani fan and have been for well over 15 years now. To know that she had such a huge impact to this collection makes it a special purchase for any Gwen fan girl like myself (and I know there's a ton more of you!). It's such a perfect palette and I'll make a separate review soon but for the record: I adore it already.

My next two make up/beauty purchases were again completely impulsive but I love them both. The first is a set of mini OPI Hello Kitty nail polishes from the airport. I've again heard a lot of talk about this collaboration and as I adore Hello Kitty I simply couldn't resist! I mean how could anyone?! It's simply adorable! The selection of colours are things I regularly wear and I can't wait to take one of these on my travels as the bottles are the perfect size for that. I can't find my exact purchase online, because it was a travel collection (keep a beady eye at Duty Free), but here's something vaguely similar.

My second impulsive purchase was from Ellie Goulding's MAC collaboration with the lipstick 'Only You'. It's a gorgeous muted coral nude that is so on trend right now and I really love it. Whilst I will admit I'm very much an old school Ellie fan (sorry Ellie!) I still like her very much as a person and respect her as an artist. It was so crowded in the Liverpool store I missed seeing some of the collection as a whole so to see the rest of the Ellie Goulding MAC Cosmetics collection head here.

Everything I picked up is really quite random, but hey aren't the best things in life? The first is a gorgeous Zandra Rhodes make up bag from one of my favourite stores in Liverpool Boudoir Boutique. It reminds me of a Betsey Johnson design I have and it's the perfect size for a weekend away. From Primark, I couldn't resist a floral mini shopper bag (perfect for lunch on the go) and this completely adorable bunny umbrella. Yes; a BUNNY umbrella! The umbrella is stored inside this completely unique design and I couldn't not take it home with me (for the record I adore bunnies. And cute things ha). In a similar bunny themed vein I also picked up a Ted Baker bunny blanket that is shamefully for myself!! I was picking up a present for my friend's new baby and to be honest I couldn't resist. Where will it go? Possibly in my car I think to keep my fellow passengers warm!

To my complete surprise nothing clothing wise sparked an interest on this visit but that's possibly because it's that awkward seasonal trend lull between the winter sales and the new spring arrivals. Nevertheless, I adore my two purchases at H&M. The first is a lovely dancer patterned blouse that was a wonderful £12.99 and the second is a pretty fine knit jumper with lace that was only £24.99. This is such a lovely piece because the lace makes it fun to wear day or night.

I'm all shopped out; this is what you do to me Liverpool! So now it's your turn: what have you picked up recently? Please link your haul posts or simply tell me what you've treated yourself to lately or what's on your current wishlist.

Oh and very randomly, I've added a photo of the programme I got when I went to see The Corrs last Friday in at the Echo arena in Liverpool. I've grown up with the music of The Corrs and they were just as incredible as I had hoped and I feel so lucky to have finally seen them live.



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