My Little Magic Box, My Little Box December 2015

I'm just going to start this post by saying that I think 'My Little Magic Box', the December edition of My Little Box, is up there in my top 3 favourites so far. I have collected My Little Box for one year and a bit now, and this definitely ranks with my other two favourite boxes: the original and the Diane Von Furstenberg edition. But this box has an extra magical touch...

And the reason it's called the 'Magic Box' is because by downloading an app you can make the characters on the box move and dance along! Oh 2015 you amaze me! How brilliant is this idea? To see the idea come to life I've included the video above. But truly this is such a wonderful box and I adore every single addition. I thought, because tis the season and all, I would use my Christmas Tree as the backdrop for this post to make the magic come to life even more.
Firstly the magazine is back: hurrah! I was delighted to see the lovely glossy magazine instead of the pull out poster magazine because this is much easier to read and enjoy. There are always such lovely features and ideas in this mini mag and I have definitely missed it. 

Next up is a gorgeous pair of black mittens with a shimmering gold iridescent running through the wool. They are the perfect gloves and despite the fact the weather is surprisingly mild in the UK at the moment I have raynaud's disease and so it's imperative I have gloves all the time. These are perfect because you can still do things with them on and, if I'm honest, the quality is very good and whilst they are marked at a £10 value I think they are infinitely superior to many high street offerings. 

The final lifestyle item this month is tea which was a wonderful surprise! As some of you know from my post on my afternoon tea experience at The Ritz I have grown up never taking to tea or in fact any hot drinks. However this year I discovered the wonderful world of green tea and I'm now completely hooked! And so I'm so excited to try this tea called 'Anastasia' by Kusmi Tea. This 'Anastasia' tea is a blend of black teas, bergamot, lemon and orange blossom, and apparently one of Kusmi Tea's most iconic recipes. I'd love to do a review of this tea properly as the company looks fascinating and the packaging is stunning and so luxurious. 

The beauty items are simply divine this month and I think it is my favourite box for beauty items yet. Rather than the sweet drawstring bag that appears most months, the beauty items are housed in this super gorgeous black make up bag with gold illustrative detail on the front, and gold polka dots on the back. And wonderfully it's just as good inside...

First up is the cult classic Nars Orgasm Blush. I was so, so excited to see this as Nars is such a luxury brand. It's a mini size so it's going to be perfect for travel and I'm just pleased to try more Nars products as obviously they are pretty pricey.

Although the Nars steals the limelight the other two products are very lovely as well. The first one is 'Honey Touch' by Rituals. It smells beautiful with a combination of the ancient Ayurvedic ingredients of Himalayan Honey and Indian Rose which is beyond dreamy. Finally, a nail polish duo of Navy and Gold Glitter from My Little Corner. The perfect New Year's Eve nail combination I'm thinking!


So to any of my My Little Box members: did you find this box as magical as I did?  Let me know your thoughts below please!


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