LUSH Spa Poole Relaunch Event

A few weeks ago myself and some other local blogging girls were invited to the relaunch of the LUSH Spa in Poole. As many of you know, I worked in this very shop throughout my studies and so in a funny sort of way it became my second home! It was really lovely to back for this event to not only take a trip down memory lane, but also to see how much the LUSH Spa has transformed since I worked there. Coupled with the fact it's so near to Christmas it was a doubly lovely to see the gorgeous LUSH 2015 collection as well. Here's how the evening unfolded....
To start our evening we were greeted with a lovely handmade mug of mulled wine (alcoholic free, woop, woop!) and could take a moment to look at the wonderful Christmas collection LUSH have released this year.

We were then invited to make our own 'Butterbear Bath Ballistics' (huge thanks to lovely Jessica for the photo above). Growing up (okay and still to this day!) I loved to make my own bath bombs so this was a brilliant activity for LUSH to do and I can imagine if you ever wanted to host a children's party in store it would be hugely popular (with kids and adults alike!). Making this sweet LUSH classic (adapted from the 'Butterball') reminded me just how few ingredients go into this natural, pampering little bear of cocoa butter and vanilla goodness.

After oohing and ahhing over our little Butterbear creation it was time to explore the new rooms of the Spa. Just nestled a door away from the LUSH Poole shop, the spa is the perfect oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of 2015's draining physical ailments.

Whilst you breathe in the heady, beautiful aromas of the treatments your senses are also treated to a beautiful soundscape from two musicians who are apart of the LUSH treatments. Not merely just your typical relaxing spa melodies, LUSH have created bespoke soundtracks that truly embody the treatment experience you could have. As a musician, I absolutely adore the passion for creating a true multi-sensory memory.

We were then guided into each room where you could sample the treatments. In a deep pink room with purple hues and starry green speckles the Comforter was my favourite treatment. In this room we were allowed to indulge in a truly lovely arm and hand massage with rose serum and chocolate scrub from the treatment. My skin was left feel so nourished and smelt heavenly!

One of my favourite rooms was for 'The Planets' treatment. This magical room, with intense shades of pink, purple and blue reflects the planet details onto a ceiling to make you feel transformed into a completely other world. Divided into 3 sections, present, past and future, this treatments last a remarkable 3 hours. The celestial spa experience comprises a full-body massage, palm reading and a facial. It overall encourages you to engage with physical and mental tensions and find release before gently coming back to earth, and back to reality.

Amongst the treatment demonstrations there was a room filled with tea and the sweetest scents of the most divine vegan cake. I could have cried with joy they were vegan and that I could join in and indulge with everyone else! One cake was a yummy victoria sponge treat inspired by 'Snow Fairy' and the other was a fruit cake inspired by 'The Magic of Christmas'. The biggest shout out to New Orchard Cafe in Poole for these amazing bakes.


The Lush Christmas 2015 Collection

After viewing the treatments and eating copious amounts of vegan cake it was back to the LUSH Poole shop floor to swoon over the wonderful Christmas collection. A few of my favourites have been included above and this year in particular I think the gifts are amazing. There is truly something for everyone. To have a look at the range for yourself head here.

A huge, gigantic thank you to everyone at LUSH and the LUSH Spa Poole for making myself, Amy and Jessica feel so welcome and for putting on such a very lovely event indeed. I left LUSH just when the spa was really starting and to be honest, we weren't sure at the time how everything was going to work. Seeing everything that evening made me truly appreciate what LUSH are doing with their spa concept. You simply cannot equate it to anything else. They have ripped up the spa rulebook, and imaginatively discovered a completely new way of tending body and soul in an incredibly creative, wonderful way.

And above all the evening made me realise that truly once you are a Lushie, you are always a Lushie ;).

To visit the LUSH Spa in Poole, (the original and best in my non biased opinion  but they are dotted throughout the country;) ) here's the details you will need:

 29 High St, 
Dorset, BH15 1AB.

Tel: +441202 672217

For more information about the LUSH Spa please head here.


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