Zoella Girl Online Book Tour Launch

A few weeks ago I was a very, very, very lucky girl to receive an invite to Zoe's, aka Youtube and Blogger sensation Zoella's, book launch for the release of her second (yes, second) book called Girl Online on Tour.

Girl Online On Tour continues the story to Girl Online, Zoe's first book, told from the perspective of the lead character, 16 year old Penny, whose relationship with an American pop star goes viral and then her anonymous blog is exposed to the world. In the second book, Girl Online on Tour, the story documents the love story of characters Noah and Penny. Whilst Noah is on tour the book documents Penny's struggles dealing with anxiety, jealousy from fans of Noah's, and missing her family.

At the event we were very kindly gifted a copy of the book and the one thing that really impressed me, and I felt was beautifully unique, was the fact Zoe talks about the issues that she discusses in her Youtube videos and blog posts, such as dealing with panic attacks, cyber-bullying and juggling separate online and offline lives. When Zoe first announced her very first book I think many would have presumed it would be an autobiographical book about her own journey, but I think the Girl Online series is such a lovely way to reach Zoe's demographic and to share really important messages.

The launch event in central London to celebrate Zoe's book was such a wonderful evening and I honestly felt so incredibly honoured to be there amongst some of the coolest most inspirational #teaminternet talent you could imagine. It was so surreal! I met such lovely people and as I said it was just such a privilege to be there and coming away I felt so inspired.

On my way home something really struck with me: that the blogging/vlogging is so powerful. Like, really powerful. I mean of course it is, but just think that in 2009 Zoe started her blog from her bedroom and now she's one of the top Youtube stars in the whole entire world, with two bestselling books and who sells out meet and greets in the time it takes my nail polish to dry!

And it proved that you just never know where your passion can take you. So I want to finish this little post by saying a huge thank you to Zoe for inviting me to this event and for making everyone and everything feel so welcoming. But also a huge thank you for showing me, as I said, more than ever before how amazing and powerful the blogging community and online community really is and for empowering young women everywhere to believe in your dreams, surround yourself with people who lift you up and just go for it.



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