My Little Sweet Box, My Little Box November 2015

When I saw the previews of 'My Little Sweet Box' on the My Little Box Instagram page I was very excited! For the first time the always gorgeous, collectable cardboard box was upgraded to an adorable illustrated tin design. As someone with a fairly sweet tooth I also hoped the contents would be equally sweet inside!
The tin alone is worth £7.50 and is just the perfect collectable. It could be used to store your baked goods or perhaps even baking utensils that are cluttered in your kitchen. I keep meaning to experiment with baking and trying to share more dairy free recipes so this has definitely inspired me.

There is unfortunately no lovely illustrated card this month, and I will admit I did miss that! Still, the My Little World magazine is nice and filled with recipes and interviews that fit the theme well.

I thought I would take my photos of 'My Little Sweet Box' nestled against my birthday cake from Friday made so kindly by Lulubelle's Cakes in Sandbanks. It's a custom made dairy free cake made with a lemon sponge and raspberry faux buttercream and utterly scrumptious!

The lifestyle items perfectly sum up the baking theme. The first are some Jar Decals. I actually store my ingredients in fancy printed tins, Cath Kidston style, so I can't use these at the moment. However they are really fun and there's a lot of sense to storing ingredients in a glass jar! The only one I don't like is the gluten jar. I know it's tongue in cheek but I sometimes get a bit tired of people thinking food intolerances are 'hipster' when in fact they are simply a pain. At least, for me! 

The second item is a classic, lovely illustrated apron. I absolutely adore this! It's so 50s and kitsch and the perfect apron for baking. I own a few aprons but they are full length ones as I'm more of a cooker than a baker. There's no reason why you can't wear this for both however, whilst swanning around the kitchen being a culinary goddess! It also has a very decent front pocket to store a ton of utensils on the go. Or your phone, I won't judge you!

The only thing that disappointed me this month was the selection of beauty products. Whilst I like them all, I felt they could have picked items which pushed the theme more so to speak. The only item which truly fits the theme in my opinion is the 'Sweet Hand Cream' from My Little Beauty. It has a very light citrus fragrance and a velvety feel. I actually really like this for in the morning as it sinks in incredibly quickly and has a marshmallowy texture that still hydrates.

The other two products are where I start to get a bit confused! The first is a mini sample of  'So Elixir' by Yves Rocher. It's a very mature, sophisticated fragrance and I do like it, it just doesn't really 'fit' with the box theme. It's quite a complex fragrance of white flowers with a woody base. It includes notes of bergamot, Damask rose, jasmine, incense extract, patchouli essence and Tonka bean. It's lovely for this time of year I was just hoping for something sweeter.

The final item is Ainy Un Songe d’Or Beauty Oil. I've already used this on my skin and hair and it is indeed very lovely. The fragrance is ever so slightly sweet with a hint of woody spice. It's again not quite as sweet as I had hoped, but I can't deny it's a nice product and I look forward to using it more. And I really like that the oils are one I've never heard of before: Ungurahua and Achiote.


So fellow My Little Box members: what were your thoughts on My Little Sweet box? Was it to your taste? ;). I adore some bits but felt the sweeter theme could have been reflected better in the beauty items. Nonetheless, I'm excited to try everything and it's always good to be introduced to new things. Let me know your thoughts below please! And remember....


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