Biscuiteers, Notting Hill, London

Whilst most people have hearts in their eye when they spy a cupcake, biscuits don't get quite the same reaction do they? I mean some may do, but generally there's never quite the same amount of excitement towards the mere biscuit as there is to cake or cupcakes. Unless, however, you work in an office and it's the mid-morning rush for a packet of digestives!

Well in the trendy Notting Hill in London, there's a business called 'Biscuiteers' that's making biscuits so beautiful, so incredible and intricate, that biscuits may just become the most sought after treat again. I had seen images of the shop front on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. It has a stunning black and white front with intricate, whimsical illustrative detail. And then you head inside and it gets even more stunning and even more magical: if that's possible to believe! It truly is a biscuit paradise and I've never seen a baking shop more beautiful, to be honest! In fact if you click here Google Maps has enabled you to step inside and see just how lovely it is. You can have a good ol' browse around and virtually eye up your favourite designs. Oh 2015!

Some of you may have seen the behind the scenes post for my latest Beauxoxo collection that featured this beautiful biscuit boutique and I had so much more to say about this place that I felt it deserved its own post. And so armed with the ultimate girl for knowing the best of the best in London, miss Olivia Purvis and Ailera Stone we headed here to make photo magic. The staff at Biscuiteers were so sweet and friendly and were totally okay with us snapping a few photos! Very sadly, I obviously couldn't buy anything that day however they do make dairy free biscuits to order so I'm so excited to put an order in soon. Their boutique boutique is also home to a cafe and a base for icing lessons, classes, hen parties, afternoon tea, children's parties and so much more.

I've left you some photos of the shop and some of the treats they have on store from their Facebook page. Can we just discuss how cute the Beatrix Potter set is? It is all my childhood dreams come true! They also do so many sets it's mouthwatering. Have a little look here.

Have any of you been to Biscuiteers? Don't you just love it, and is it, or is it not, the icing on the biscuit? Sorry I couldn't help myself!! To head to the Notting Hill branch (I believe there is now one in Battersea too) where we shot this look-book head here:

Biscuiteers Icing Boutique Cafe,
194 Kensington Park Rd, 
W11 2ES.

+44 20 7727 8096

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm


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  1. Such a beautiful shop and the biscuits are so well decorated. I can't believe I live so nearby yet have no idea that they were there. Will definitely have to visit for some Christmas presents and also a little cheeky treat for myself! x

    Peonies and lilies


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