Another Liverpool Shopping Haul

Recently I've been away in Liverpool photo-shooting my new Boudoir Headband collection for Beauxoxo. Because I have family near to Liverpool I often end up using the time as a break as well, and so today I've titled this 'another Liverpool shopping haul' because this is quite a familiar post from me now on my return!!

Liverpool is such a fantastic shopping destination, and with the addition of Liverpool One, everything is in such easy reach. I ended up just getting a lot of beauty things because my wishlist has been steadily growing for a while now and I had the time to test things out in the flesh.

One of my favourite places for fun beauty accessories is Forever 21. They have an endless supply of cute prints on anything from make up cases, to brushes, to pocket mirrors. My first find was this London Print Make Up Case, a pretty Butterfly Print Makeup Pouch, Eiffel Tower Shower Cap and Mirror (sadly I can't find these online) and a rose travel make up set (again not online I'm afraid!).

During my northern trip I also made a visit to the big Cheshire M&S where I found a little slice of heaven within their beauty section. There were so many of my favourite brands I didn't know where to start, so I actually ended up being very sensible indeed by just picking up Stila's 'In The Light' eyeshadow palette because this has been on my wish-list for the longest time (I'll try to get a review up soon, but let me just say now that it's already stolen my heart). Because I spent £25 I got a free make up bag choc-a-bloc full of incredible beauty items that M&S stock. Considering this was free it's really quite incredible to see what's inside and it includes even more Stila, Pixi, Eylure and tons more. I'm excited at this alone!

And to complete by beauty shopping spree, I ended up coming home with a ton of pretty extras like Too Faced's 'Love Flush' Blusher (a review will definitely come soon!)a LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin, a MAC Mineralize Powder and finally, completely randomly, scented tissues from Superdrug and a little 7th Heaven Coconut Hair Mask.

And so there's a little beauty haul from Liverpool for you. I cannot wait to try everything out and no doubt will be back reviewing things I've loved. But now tell me: what beauty shopping have you been doing lately? What are you loving, and what should I be adding to my next wish-list?


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  1. I love Liverpool for shopping, so not surprised you picked up so many fab bits! The Stila palette looks gorgeous :)

    Claire | | xx


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