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So today it's all about Troye Sivan, the Youtube star who is still just that, but who has also so effortlessly morphed into the coolest popstar of 2015. So much so, that as of today that I gather my thoughts on his EP Taylor Swift, yes, Taylor freakin Swift tweeted her love for the amazing Australian internet sensation. This is a #teaminternet success and appreciation on a whole new level and beyond!

Because you see, whilst Troye makes this whole thing look so easy, a whole new wave of Youtube and internet stars still battle daily to be taken seriously as the new phenomena they are. In fact, just recently at the Teen Choice Awards major shade was thrown around. So just how has Troye Sivan won the heart of seemingly the whole music industry? Well, for one thing he's super cool, he's incredibly authentic, and he's not producing cookie-cutter music. He's crafted his way in the industry since he was 12, posting singing videos to Youtube and has built up an impressive acting CV as well.

His hotly anticipated EP 'Wild' is a synth-pop dream, with a sprinkling of indie-pop and electronic-pop thrown in for good measure. I have previously mentioned my love for Troye here after loving TRXYE, his debut EP, and like many I eagerly awaited the follow up. So let's prepared to get wildly excited about a #teaminternet success story once more by diving into this new release.

The opening track 'Wild' is a triumph in, I would say, the Indie-Pop genre. It's a song, from what I can tell, about two young boys, echoed by the children backing vocals, who are friends and fall in love. Their love is, however, forbidden, and they have to deal with hiding it from others.

Alongside a passionate percussive line, and an elevating melodic line, 'Wild' perfectly captures the essence of a forbidden love. It's extremely catchy and full of confidence. It has some beautifully written lyrics, and furthermore, the word painting is beautiful. I adore the momentum and delivery of the word 'Wild' itself because it's so intensely passionate and the added echo on the end builds on that longing.

I know for sure that if Troye released 'Wild' alone it would be such a triumphant hit single. That message of loving someone so much that you're not really caring about the consequences or what other people think is so gutsy; and to me this word describes the whole song.

I can just imagine how well this would work live as well, as it lends itself perfectly for call and response audience relationship. It's a really brilliant pop song.

The next song 'Bite' takes a completely different direction to 'Wild'. The beginning is so haunting, so vulnerable, and I love it. The first 30 seconds are just Troye's sweet vocals singing singing accapella, with a beautiful choral, church acoustic effect that makes the build up to the word 'bite' all the more powerful.

Throughout these stretched out, lullaby esque electronic refrains, it builds to a dizzy flurry of sparkling synths around the 1.45 mark that captures the overwhelming state of mind Troye must have felt because 'Bite' is about his first experience of the gay clubbing scene. So yet again, Troye's word painting is always so meticulously thought out, and it brings such depth to his music that many people are going to be surprised by.

I adore the lyric line, 'I can be the subject of your dreams'. It's just so gorgeous the way Troye sings it, and overall it's such an alluring track.

Next up we have 'Fools', which is one of my favourite songs on this EP. In a similar vein to 'Bite', this song has a great deal of sweetness and vulnerability to it, as well as a distinctive, electronic, dreamy, melancholic synth soul that poignantly paints the picture of an unrequited love.

I really adore the ebb and flow to this track, and it kind of sums up that intense feeling of love, the longing, and also the highs and falls of those feelings. The fact it's an unrequited love-song makes these highs and lows ever more intense, and especially in the bridge, which is just heavenly to the ears. It's something another fellow Aussie does so well: Josef Salvat. The fact I've noticed Troye liking his music means he's definitely appreciates the quality it brings to a track like this. And very randomly, I want to highlight how much I like the lyrics for this track, the very specific 'the little things, you like stick, and I like aerosol' is so simple but stunning at the same time. 

I think the music video for this, if he releases one, needs to be particularly spell-bounding and I'm sure it will. 

Ease (feat Broods):

Next we have 'Ease' the first of two songs on the EP that features another artist. For this track Troye collaborated with New Zealand brother and sister duo Broods. I fell completely in love with Broods over a year ago now, since their runaway success 'Bridges', and it's just so great to know that Troye is also a huge fan of their gorgeous electronic-pop sound.  

Apparently of all the songs on this EP it is 'Ease' he is most proud of, and it clearly holds a special place in this heart as he remarks how: “It sounds exactly how I hoped a Troye and BROODS song would sound like.”

The song sounds like it could blend itself perfectly onto a Broods EP itself, however, what I found plesantly surprising is how Broods haven't taken over, in the sense I imagined. Despite their sounds and influences being very similar, it ends up being superfluous and 'Ease' has so many nuances that are distinctly now 'Troye Sivan' which is always a huge sign of an artists's success.

This track again has that lullaby quality that so much of this EP has already demonstrated. It's so calming and smooth, and has a great deal of warmth to it. The latter is important because this song is about Troye's hectic career, from the traveling, to being away from home and missing his family, friends and loved ones. The vocals of Broods blends beautifully with Troye's and it really makes this song feel comforting to the ear, like a phone call between a loved one and Troye.

I think for me this is the standout track from the EP. It shows a vulnerable side to Troye through the lyrics, and yet on the flip-side, it sounds so mature and confident and that Troye is somewhat at 'Ease' with his sound and his musical direction. 

The Quiet:

The track 'The Quiet' was the only one that needed to grow on me. Lyrically, it's quite the heart breaker, and like 'Fools' it's about longing. Troye seems at battles with his feelings from a messy sounding relationship with a lot of distance and a sense they are growing apart.

A song named 'The Quiet' would suggest something very stripped back, but rather than playing on the 'longing' and 'lonely' feeling of this track, it's quite graphic and angry with lyrics such as, 'I'd rather be spitting blood'. It has quite a tumultuous bass and percussive line that drives this feeling of betrayal and angst that ultimately makes it sound the most over produced track of the EP. Whilst I do like this drive, this song still seems so sad to me, and I'd be so intrigued to hear the strong stripped back to illustrate the meaning in another way.

DKLA (feat Tkay Maidza):

The last track track on the EP is called 'DKLA' and features Tkay Maidza, an Australian singer and rapper. It's a song that really displays Troye's vocal in such a sultry and sensual way. It's utterly enigmatic, with a heavy, R'n'B beat that masks the melodic line almost entirely so you end up with feeling, and his words sound mumbled, but almost intentionally for dramatic effect. 

The introduction to this is so magical and I kept replaying it because it sounds so much like rain gently falling on a window. It's a song that sounds like it's been inspired by The Weekend who I see Troye loves.

Whilst I'm not a rap girl, Tkay Maidza's contribution does work here and it's just so amazing that both collaborations on this EP have such different qualities they bring to the project.

It's overall a very intimate track and I think the mystery of it is endearing and fascinating because to end with a track so shrouded in mystery, it conveys a message that there's so much more to come from Troye, and that he wants to keep surprising his audience. It's clever indeed. 


Overal Musings:

So overall I feel Troye should be immensely proud of his EP. He's without a shadow of a doubt established himself in the music world and I think his follow up will be even more self-assured. I love how truly ambitious this EP was and I'm so glad he chose to create explicit music, true to what he really loves and listens to, and with lyrics that are completely raw and honest. This is so inspiring for a new artist in this big ol' music industry that can sometimes swallow your soul (I've seen it with friend's all too often as a muso myself) and shows he's not just shovelling out music to appeal to a tween-market.

My only teeny criticism is that some elements were ever so slightly overproduced. Just slightly, and I'm really nitpicking now, because I think production elements sometimes take a while to establish and he'll most certainly find his balance for his next release as so many elements were spot on. As I mentioned above, it was just at certain times that I felt the melody got lost and I personally felt the silence and pauses in the other songs would have been a welcome respite in 'The Quiet', perhaps. However to contradict myself entirely, at other points the production was stunning.

Something else I feel I should add is that with so more indie-electronic-pop the music is very intimate in general. Thus, you will find you need to give it quite a few listens before you can establish an opinion, and perhaps some time after that so you can really appreciate it. So, my recommendation is to grab your headphones, secure a cosy den, and immerse yourself fully into this EP in the way it deserves.

But truly: Troye's EP is quite brilliant indeed, and demonstrates quite clearly that he is a true artist, with a very clear vision and a unique point of view that I know will take him as far as he desires. 
Troye is also acutely aware of his role as an LGBT artist saying previously: “From the perspective of someone who has the opportunity to reach a lot of people, my first coming-out video changed everything for me and made me realize how important it is, I think, to follow my dreams while still being an open, honest LGBT person.” I love him even more.

How many of you have listened to this EP? Are you a fan of Troye? I'd love to know your thoughts below. Get the EP for yourself right here

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