REVIEW: Artelac Rebalance Eye Drops and Artelac Nighttime Gel

A little while ago I was contacted by Artelac to review two of their products aimed at those who suffer with dry eyes and they kindly sent me the Rebalance Eye Drops and the Nighttime Gel. As someone who has suffered with eczema around my eye area for as long as I can remember, as well as several eye operations, I was intrigued to try this! And if you don't suffer with these problems you may still get that horrible dry eye sensation from time to time. Because let's face it- the 21st century reliance on small screens and technology doesn't make it friendly on our very over used peepers! I mean hey; I'm currently typing this gone 11pm at night probably exasperating the problem further! ;)

Artelac Rebalance Dry Eye Drops

The first product of the two I tried was the Rebalance Eye Drops. Originally this is a product that treats tear dysfunction, which is essentially a condition where the eyes feel very dry. This makes it the perfect product for content lens wearers, those that work at a computer all day, and also of course for those with dry eye syndrome.

Really cleverly, Artelac's eye drops work with natural processes to rebalance (hence the name!) the tear film so that it keeps the eye area healthy and moist. One of the key ingredients includes Sodium Hyaluronate which rehydrates the eyes and simulates a soothing effect of the human tear fluid. •But further than simply moisturising the eye, Artelac's Rebalance Eye Drops also supplies nutrients that the eye requires including vitamin B12 (this nutrient creates that gorgeous pink hue but don't worry you aren't transferring that to your eyes!), magnesium and calcium. Combined, they ensure that eyes are treated to additional moisturising benefits as well as helping in tear production. •

I've been using the Rebalancing Eye Drops on and off for a few months now because I wanted to test them over a long period of time. Over this time I can definitely conclude that this is a highly effective remedy for the soreness and redness of dry eyes. I have often felt like my eyes were so dry I had an eyelash in there all the time, or worse sand or grit, but in fact I think I have simply neglected the importance of making sure my eyes were as moisturised as my face or body.

How to use:

So this product is very, very easy to use. The one and only problem? If you're squeamish about eye-drops you will need a bit of time and practise to use it easily. I've grown up having always used eye drops so it's always been completely natural to me, but I do know some people who have the fear and I totally understand that! In fact, does this classic Friends clip ring true for anyone....?! :D
But like I said I promise it's easy, and you shouldn't need an army of friends to assist you! ;). All you have to do is place a drop in each eye. The bottle makes it so incredibly easy to apply the drop. For some you could find using it each morning is fine, but you could carry it with you throughout the day for superb moisturisation and comfortable vision. I would definitely say in all my years of dealing with eye drops these were the easiest to apply.


Artelac Rebalance Eye Drops comes in a 10ml bottle and costs £7.48. It can be used for 2 months after which time a replacement is recommended for optimal eye health.

Artelac Nighttime Gel

Whereas the Rebalance Eye Drops were created for day-time wear, for those that tend to suffer with dry eyes towards the end of the day the Artelac Nighttime Gel is perfect. This gel has been specially formulated to provide extra protection and relief during the night, and includes Cetrimide Preservative, Carbomer, lipids and sterilised water to seal in moisture overnight.

Like the rest of the Artelac range, it has the same pH as natural tears, and is specially formulated to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable when you're sleeping. To use, simply add 1 to 2 drops in each eye as needed. Unlike the Rebalance eye drops, the gel texture is a bit strange to get your head around at first but for ease, practise by applying some to the back of your hand and you'll see it transforms instantly into a watery solution.

By using the the Nighttime Gel at night, in combination with the Rebalance eye drops during the day, you will allow your eyes to have 24 hour hydration and when I used the two together I felt for the first time in ages my eyes actually felt sparkly and comfortable.


Artelac Nighttime Gel comes in a 10g tube and costs £5.48. Again, it can be used for 2 months after which time a replacement is recommended.

Overall thoughts:

Even though my vision is extremely poor I truly believe those with good vision could benefit from both the Rebalance eye drops and the Nighttime Gel. They would be the perfect product to keep in your desk for when your eyes start to feel itchy and sore from that spreadsheet your eyes feel glued to (or your latest Netflix binge!). They would of course also benefit travellers and contact lense wearers as the drying effect both of these cause can be horrid.

Overall, both provided my eyes with a huge feeling of clarity and my dry eyes disappeared after using them. The only thing it didn't cure was the eczema around my eyes, and I had to pause treatment for a while. However, after monitoring this the latter is because I was allergic to a new concealer I was trying and absolutely NOT the drops!! In fact it was actually after going back to the drops that it made me stop rubbing my eyes, so this product is lovely to use in that sense as well.

In regards to stockist, a Google search for both brings a vast variety of stockists and I believe independent chemists also stock this product. To take some of the searching away for you, head to Vision Direct.

So promise me this now: if you ever get eyes as dry as Rachel from Friends you'll come back to this post and try something like Artelac out! However it does of course go without saying I hope to stress that if your dry eyes are something that trouble you greatly a trips to the opticians should come first.



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