My Little Road Trip Box, My Little Box July 2015

Firstly: A big hello! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever and I have so missed it! I'll tell you where I've been and what I've been up to in future posts, but until then, the latest My Little Box for July, 'My Little Road Trip Box' seems very fitting with my recent travels! Let's dive in....

The latest 'My Little World' magazine is albeit very small in terms of content very nice for a mini getaway! It has interviews, a summer manicure tutorial and a crossword for the ultimate road trip companion. I do still miss the old magazine, with the glossy pages and more overall content, but the new look magazine is still a nice read. 
The first lifestyle item this month is this seriously lovely travel organiser. This is just so me. I'm really, really into anything that makes travel a breeze and as hassle free as possible, and for someone so hopefully disorganised as myself, this sort of thing is perfect. Because it is so thin and lightweight it makes it so convenient to stash in your bag, and it has designated spots for your money, tickets and much more. I really, really like this item and it will for sure be by my side for all my future trips!
The second lifestyle item is ever so darling: A teeny tiny notebook in collaboration with BIC Stationery which opens to form a letter way of writing to a friend rather than the bog-standard postcard. This is such a lovely idea to send to someone with memories from a holiday or road trip. There’s about 10 in total and I have actually sent it to someone already! 
So I think the beauty items are going to be very popular this month. The first product that stood out to me was the My Little Corner 'Sorbet Apres Soleil'. The product literally translates to 'sorbet after sun' so it's a product that is aimed at treating sore, post sun skin. I'm extremely cautious in the sunshine because of my pale skin but nevertheless this gorgeous cooling gel is so delightful to use on a hot, humid day and it smells like a bag of sweets. And that packaging? SO me! 

The other two items are more well known. The first is the infamous Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I see this talked about constantly in the blogosphere so I'm glad I get to try it out! It's the perfect sort of product for a road trip as it's a one-stop cleanser on the go- no water necessary. 

The next beauty item I adore is an Essie nail polish called 'Hide and Go Chic'. Nail polish is something I associate with summer and this pretty azure blue shade is very dreamy indeed.  

The final quirky addition is a pack of temporary tattoos from GOLD-DCER. These are just SO Coachella and if I was road-trippin' across to Las Vegas again anytime soon I would for sure rock these. Meanwhile in the rainy UK I might have to wait a while before this happens!
Overall I think this may be one of my favourite My Little Boxes yet. I truly think they captured the free spirit, the summer and the sense of a road trip adventure so well. But how about you? What did you make of My Little Box this month? I see my next box is shipped already for August and I cannot wait!


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