Paul and Joe Lipstick, Renard 090

Sometimes, just sometimes, you need a bit of a lipstick splurge and this Paul and Joe purchase was mine! I absolutely adore Paul and Joe. Their for sure one of the fashion designers I adore, and if it's possible, I might just love their beauty range even more.

The Paul and Joe beauty range would definitely fall into the category of being 'too beautiful and too pretty to use'! The lipsticks are sometimes shaped like cats, the eyeshadows and powders often have beautiful embossed detail and the nail polishes look like finely cut glassworks. I have wanted to make a Paul and Joe purchase and on a whim just decided a lipstick would be the perfect start.

Whilst I may have you thinking the range is too pretty to use, it can actually be very economical. This is because they have created the most genius lipstick system where you can mix and match your favourite shade from an array of gorgeous cases, and then pick a lipstick refill for a look that compliments whatever mood you’re in! So, ultimately what that means is that you don't have to be sad when your lipstick runs out because you either buy a new refill and start again. See? Genius!

As you can imagine when it comes to Paul and Joe, I think I was longer deciding on a case than on the actual lipstick! In the end I settled with this sweet kitten print because it's so classically Paul and Joe, and I love it for any season.

When it came to picking a lipstick shade I know for sure I'll have fun trying tons of shades in this case, but I decided on this muted coral-brown shade called 'Renard'. It's an everyday nude that will look great with any style and I really do love it. It's not the most pigmented shade in the world, but because it has active ingredients like Lavender oil and Cocoa seed butter it feels incredibly lightweight and nourishing on. I've included a swatch above but the colour shade can be here and my particular case can be found here.

Now I've made my first Paul and Joe purchase I can't pretend I won't make another soon! I really, really like that this is a range that looks and feels incredibly decadent but have addressed ways to make an expensive purchase feel very economical with the clever mix and match packaging. In terms of pricing the Paul and Joe lipstick case costs £7 and the lipstick costs £12.50.

To view more on Paul and Joe Beauty here here and if you're a Paul and Joe fan please let me know what you love and what you recommend.



  1. Oh my gosh it looks so beautiful on you!

    1. N'awww thank you gorgeous girly <3 xoxo


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