The Problem With Blogging Is....

A photo of cupcakes on my blog? Well of course! Typical blogger all the way!

Let me start this post by saying how much I adore blogging. Seriously, it has provided me with so many incredible, blessed opportunities and forged beautiful friendships with some of the most like minded people I have been fortunate to meet.

I've been blogging since 2009 (woah!) and over this time, I've noted perhaps humorous, trivial little problems that after all this time I still can't solve! I bet any bloggers reading this will relate to at least one, and if you do, let me know and add your own little comments below. I will now turn this on the head and add a things I LOVE about blogging post soon. But this is all very tongue in cheek and I hope you like it!

1. First up: When in true writing and blogging mode it will be entirely possible to spend hours at your laptop screen. For health reasons this is something I just know I shouldn't let happen but I never learn!

2. Secondly, there's then that habit you get into where as soon as you wake up you want to check your social media. You intend to have a 5 minute catch up, but that soon turns into an hour! This also works in a similar vein as you intend to go to sleep.

3. I keep a notebook beside my bed so that I can jot down any blog ideas. Problem is, this brainstorming lasts an hour and before you know it the clock has gone past midnight....again....

4. When you're a blogger you want to capture every moment and thus want to take photos of everything and anything! This also means your phone will be jam-packed with random imagery or you feel compelled to always carry a big camera around!

5. I want to buy all the things. Seriously, it's a problem! That latest Urban Decay palette? Need it! Another cute Peter Pan collar dress? Need that too! I might as well have a notepad wish-list when I read certain blogs such as: Anna's, Olivia's, Carrie's or Kailey's. The struggle of restraint is real!

6. My phone constantly runs out of batteries. See point 4!

7. When it comes to a free half hour in your day, and the hoover is looking at me all doe-eyed, I pick blogging. Always blogging! In fact, any chore going gets replaced with wanting to blog!

8. In Spring and Summer us bloggers rejoice because the lighter evenings mean we have so many more opportunities to take our photos. In autumn and winter, however, there’s just not enough sunny daylight hours for taking photos and this makes blogging much harder. Classic blogging problems!

9. Most importantly: that's there's simply not enough hours in the day to blog! That my head and notepad are bursting at the seams with ideas but being busy with your day job prevents them going online. I'm sure anyone else who juggles blogging with a full time job knows this quandary only too well!

10. And something that goes hand in hand with the above: There just isn’t enough time in the day to read all the posts on my Bloglovin' from my favourite bloggers as well. This makes me really sad and I definitely need to free some time to do this. I want to comment on more blogs too.

Now, how about you fair blogger? What blogging problems do you face? Let me know below!



  1. Loved this Georgie! Thinking in Tweet form is my current daily struggle hahahah xx

    1. Haha Ah yes that's another one! And Instagram too! xoxo


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