Primark Homeware Haul

So there's one thing I really love about Primark: Their homeware. It's so quirky, fun and really different. It is also of course extremely good value. I have everything from Primark cushions to towels, flannels, lights and everything in between and I love it all. I went in store recently for a big bag for my Beauxoxo orders as they are wonderful for lots of envelopes and boxes but, of course, I was very tempted by other bits and pieces on show! And this post is proof that in a shop such as Primark, you can rarely leave with just the one intentional, planned purchase!

Everything I picked up has a distinct summery, outdoor theme, and just these little bits and bobs only came to about £10. Firstly I got some Ice Lolly Pop Moulds because they were a mere £2 and I'm excited to dive in and try some recipes from my Pinterest board dedicated to Lollies (yes I do have such a board!). Next, I couldn't leave without an ice cream scoop that is actually designed like an ice cream cone. I mean, that's just too fabulous! This was just £1.50. In a similar vein, the idea of pineapple ice cubes delighted me, so whilst in this summery mood I couldn't leave them behind! I think I may be tempted to make these little Raw Mint Chocolates from Nouvelle Daily as they too have this  tray and it seems to work perfectly. The next item I got is adorable, but I'm now questioning my very odd choice because it's an ice cream shaped sponge! I think it might be nice as a buffing brush but anyway, even just as a decorative item in the bath room it's lovely indeed! And finally? That bag I initially only planned to get! Primark do some many of these bags and as I said, they really are wonderful. I highly recommend them for those like myself who make regular post office trips of for those moving this summer to Uni or a new home etc.

Does anyone else love Primark homeware as much as I do? Have you been tempted by their summer collection? I wasn't aware about this until a few moments ago, but Primark actually have a blog where whist you cannot purchase online, you can get details and lovely photos of upcoming lines for that season. If you click here you can get a lovely look at new pieces hopefully coming to store very soon.

If you have your own Primark homeware hauls please share your posts with me below I'd love to see. But I think I have enough to last me a while now ;).



  1. Those pineapple ice-moulds are adorable!
    I love Primark's home-ware section! x

    Small&Blonde ♥

    1. So glad you love it too- so many wonderful things! xoxo

  2. I love all the summer items they have at the moment, especially the ice lolly tray. I bought a lime green plastic cup and draw set from their recently and I absolutely love it, perfect for summer! Thanks for linking me to their blog! xx

    1. Oh no problem- I love their blog, so pleased they have one now :) xoxo


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