A Weekend in Paris

So this time last weekend I was in Paris. I haven't had a chance to go for a few years now but much to my sheer joy, it reminded me clear as day why from my first visit as a child, Paris is truly one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Nothing has changed. Paris is a city has such a strong respect for its history that it nurtures and cherishes it and I love that. The beauty is honestly just mesmerising and it's no wonder so many flock there to bask in her charm.

The actual Friday was spent doing a few business things for Beauxoxo I won't share now incase I jinx things! So much was done and it's potentially very exciting indeed. On Friday night my Mum and I had the most fabulous time exploring Paris through an evening city tour, followed by a Moulin Rouge performance (this is the tour we booked in case you're interested). I mean okay so it's utterly, utterly touristy, but oh it was wonderful. So wonderful! It was incredibly good value and it made for such magical memories. If you think Paris is beautiful in the day then this truly multiplies at night. I can't begin to tell you how breathtakingly beautiful the Eiffel Tower looked in twinkling lights (hopefully a smidge of this beauty was captured in my video above!).

Saturday however things took a very wrong, horrible turn, as I woke up with a sickness bug. It was the weirdest illness I've ever had because I actually didn't feel that ill at the time but because I have terrible Emetophobia it was just a horrendous experience! Thankfully my Mum was with me and she was an absolute star as she doesn't care at all about things like this, so she was just my everything that day. We were actually able to venture out to do bits and bobs but when I collapsed outside Chanel (I'm equally horrified to write this I am to relive the moment in my mind!) we had to come back to the hotel. It meant I couldn't meet one of my dearest friends who has just moved to the city, but I will absolutely be back. I have so, so much to catch up on in Paris.

I'm obviously completely gutted I was ill on the Saturday but thank goodness the business I needed to  do was done on Friday and it at least gives me plenty of excuses to go back and visit very, very soon. In fact, I plan to visit again in September so it's not long to wait! And especially as my local airport Bournemouth now flies there.

I hope you enjoy some of my photos from my trip and the little video I made. Can we appreciate how amazing that music is?! Have any of you been to Paris? Do you love it as much as I do? If you haven't been, would you like to?


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