REVIEW: Nancy's Nails Scented Top Coat in 'Serious Thriller It's Vanilla'

One of my favourite shops in London is Liberty. It's just so majestic, and filled with an abundance of unique charm and innovative, craft driven products. I absolutely loved their TV show on Channel 4, 'Liberty of London', that provided a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at one of Britain's most beautiful department stores. From this series a call was made for British designers and this is something I sadly only just realised, however it meant that when I went to Liberty's a few weeks ago there were lots of gems to be found.

One such gem were the scented nail polishes by Nancy's Nails. I absolutely loved her journey that was highlighted on the show, and I was of course totally intrigued to check her range out in person.

Lots of brands are now starting to create scented nail polishes and to me it's ever so nostalgic as I fondly remember the days of scented pens! Someone tell me I'm not alone? Come on fellow kids of the 90s and 00s, I know you're out there! They had everything from Coca-Cola to Candyfloss and I pretty much wanted them all. The Nancy's Nails range consists of just 3 shades which is perfect: StrawberryMango and Lime and Vanilla.

I picked up the shade, 'Serious Thriller, It's Vanilla'. Every single polish has a fun shade title like this, and it definitely adds to the playfulness of the brand, and that of Nancy herself. The packaging is also so fun, and appeals to my love for Pop Art esque shades and patterns. But let's talk scent: it's a subtle sweet Vanilla JUST as it should be. It has that gorgeous sugary, warmth vanilla note to it that so many artificial vanilla products just do not get right but this is so lovely. The scent doesn't last a tremendous amount of time but beyond the scent, as a top coat it's just as perfect! It makes your manicure last for days and it dried fairly quickly too. Definitely as good as top coats from OPI, Essie etc.

This is also a product made in Britain, by a normal girl and it's always so heartwarming and inspiring to see someone achieve such success, and of course, for stores as generous and kind as Liberty to recognise the talents beyond huge name brands.

Has anyone else got one of Nancy's Nails scented nail polishes? And if not, have you ever experimented with scented nail polishes? Each bottle is £15 and you can pick up a bottle at Liberty itself or online here.



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