REVIEW: Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara

The Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara is something that has been on my wish-list for the longest time, and in fact almost a year, as I read a review on the wonderful Vivianna Does Make Up back in August with a post titled 'The Cutest Mascara Ever'. I had to know more.

But as it turns out, Fairydrops Scandal Mascara is still the buzz of the beauty and mascara world right now and it all started in Japan. I adore Japanese fashion, art and culture and the Japanese cosmetic world is something I've been longing to try. The story of Fairydrops mascara leads back to Japanese celebrity Aya Yasuda who realised that to create a strong impression on TV, she needed to make her eyelashes stand out. After much experimentation, Aya realised it was the long, upward slopping alluring kind of eyelashes that made such a beautiful impact on our screens.

After months of research and experimenting, Aya's 3-teardrop wand, 'Fairydrops' was born. The wand aimed to catch and lift even the shortest of eyelashes, giving Aya the big, doll like, photogenic eyes that she dreamed of for so long. The results were stunning, and Aya knew she had to share her new secret mascara with other women back in Japan. And now Fairydrops Mascara is not only one of the bestselling mascaras in Japan, but it's also incredibly sought after throughout Asia, and it's becoming pretty loved here too!

But just what is this '3-teadrop wand' all about? Basically it is created with three curves to firstly fit the lashes and secondly,  to deposit mascara and lift lashes in all the right places for maximum volume. I found this a little tricky to get my head around at first, but if you use the outer edge of the first bobble, this will create gorgeous defined top and lower lashes without the smudge.

'Fairydrops' mascara formula is also enriched with five different treatment essences to improve lash condition which are: 1. Squalene, 2. Jojoba seed oil, 3. Panthenol, 4. Hydrolised Collagen and 5 is that that one moisturising ingredient you see everywhere: Hyaluronic Acid. These luscious essences are then added to fibres that build volume and length in your lashes whilst film-forming polymers create clump-free, defined, beautiful lashes that hold all day long.

This is a mascara with a LOT going on and so it's easy to see why it's just so, so good. It really packs in everything you could possibly want from a mascara and therefore I too, like many, do proclaim it as one of my favourite mascaras ever as well! It just makes my lashes look so doll like and fluttery and I have been asked a lot what I've been wearing which doesn't often happen with mascara. Plus, I love the conditioning elements so it's almost as if you're are getting double for your money. And the money being the only downside as this mascara will set you back £18.50 which is at least what I paid on Beautymart. Is it worth it? Well, considering it out performs other high end mascaras I've paid for at a similar price I'd say it definitely is.

My one and only problem with it was the fact it is quite 'wet' at first, and it takes a little while to get used to the wand, but if you use it correctly, as it was intended, it just gives such a gorgeous look.

Has anyone used Fairydrops mascara? This has definitely furthered my need and desire to try a lot more Japanese cosmetics. To purchase it from UK click here to get it from Beautymart  but for more brand information, do visit Fairy drop's own cutest website. What mascara do you love right now?



  1. I used to LOVE this mascara back in the day! I agree with on the wet formula thing but it just lasts so well after that (: I much prefer Majolica Majorca's mascaras nowadays though! Lemme know if you ever want to try some more Asian beauty, maybe I could pop a package to you (:

    1. Awwww Michelle I would LOVE that!! Seriously actually there's so much I want from Hong Kong. Will send a tweet your way soon <33 xoxo


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