Music Monday: Christine and The Queens

Lately I've been having a little love affair with France. I am very lucky to have travelled the country quite extensively as a child and yet to this day I continue to fall in love with it's stylish charm. So, today I thought we'd take a virtual trip to France and immerse ourselves in this wonderful music that deserves so much praise. The artist I've chosen to feature today is Christine and The Queens, whose stage name works the same way as Florence and The Machine, Marina and The Diamonds (it was actually through Marina I discovered her) etc.

The lady behind Christine and The Queens is Héloïse Letissier, a French singer from Nantes on the West coast of France. Héloïse started her performing journey by studying theatre in Lyon before moving to Paris in 2010 where she concluded her studies. After this time Héloïse moved to London where her craft came together. It was whilst being in London that she was inspired by the work of local drag queen musicians. Later, they then went onto be an accompaniment in one of her earliest concerts and they soon became her "Queens" as a backing band. Later, she then adopted the name "Christine" and this lead to 'Christine and The Queens' as they are known today.

Christine and The Queens debut EP was titled 'Miséricorde' followed by her next release in 2012 called 'Mac Abbey'. During 2012,  Héloïse's profile also starting to build momentum further as she opened for shows by Lykke Li, The Dø and Woodkid and Lilly Wood.

Now, I have always had such a soft spot for French music. Like the country itself it's always been enchanting to me. Having said that, I do think that sometimes it’s hard for French artists to catch a break outside of the Parisian microcosm. In fact, it's always frustrated me, but many other countries are the same (thank goodness blogging we can shout loudly and proudly about all the incredible musicians Europe has beyond English speaking artists).

Christine and The Queens are however, the perfect example of a transcendent act who sing in both French and English and this thus allows them to be accessible to all. I am so used to hearing just the French tongue in French music that when the English part kicked in it sounded really unusual to my ears, but delightfully unusual!

Let's take a look at one of her runaway successes 'Saint Claude' for example. It has that endearing quality that I’ve always loved so much about French music, but it also sounds very contemporary at the same time, (think Scandinavian music. Think lush, electro-pop that Georgie does like ever so much!). With her luscious French vocals effortlessly flying between low and high it's complimented by a dreamy-atmospheric synth backdrop that I cannot get enough of!

I've included the video for this song because I just find it completely mesmerising. It's so simple in style and form but analytically there's so much to be drawn from it. She cuts a lone figure dancing in this big deep red set, and so the aesthetic is kept sophisticatedly simple but it's so much more revealing than that. She's wearing such a slick, sharp tailored suit that you’d imagine on a Saint Laurent catwalk (in fact I didn’t imagine it’s real, I'm sure the AW15 catwalk show IS this video!). I was reading online that one of her heroes is Michael Jackson and so I just love that this whole video is such a tribute to him through her perfect hand and feet movements capturing the very essence of his style; but in her own unique way.

I really hope you fall in love with Christine and The Queens as much as me. I just think it's amazing how rich and diversified year 2015's Europe’s musical landscape is. This music is strong, sweet, sensual, stylish and deliciously continental! If you like what you hear I highly recommend downloading the album here. And for more information about her visit her website right here.

Are any of you already Christine and The Hearts fan? Or do you already love French music? Leave your discoveries below!



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