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Spring and Summer are upon us; and this means that soon enough we will find ourselves with plenty of wonderful outdoor events to look forward to such as fairs, markets and festivals. So often said events often feature the prominence of handmade artisans whether it be in the form of food, craft or similar. Therefore, you may be wanting to consider the importance of purchasing handmade items to help support the local artist and handmade community this season.

It's because of the above, and of course being a handmade artist myself (of Beauxoxo, my handmade hair accessory business) that a campaign called 'Just a Card' really struck a chord with me. Created by  the designer and artist Sarah Hamilton, the campaign seeks to encourage those who admire art and crafts pieces in their local shops to buy 'Just a card'.

As Sarah says: “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open. As an artist and designer, I know just how valuable each and every sale is, not only to independent shops and galleries, but to their artists and designer suppliers....they need our support, and that is why we started our campaign Just a Card; to encourage people to appreciate just how invaluable every purchase is.”

So no matter how small your contribution, in order to support your favourite makers, purchasing just a card or similar can make such a difference. And when you've made your purchase, show it off using the hashtag #justacard. This campaign is being supported by Mollie Makes and The Design Trust so it's fantastic to have such huge names in the crafting community be involved and to spread the message far and wide.

There are just so many reasons why I believe this campaign and buying handmade creations are so important. Firstly, I believe buying from craftspeople is a conscious decision. People need to be more conscious of spending where their hard-earned money is going, and this contributes to the bigger picture. When you purchase an item from an artisan who enjoys creating their wares the object then holds that positive energy and it spreads.

Moreover, buying handmade, I believe, also has human rights and ecological aspects. When you buy handmade items and you support a true artist you can be sure that human rights are respected in the making of your gift. Subsequently, for me, something I love and enjoy is that it harkens back to the days when craftsmanship, creativity and quality were paramount (think William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement).

When you visit markets, fairs, and independent shops, or even online, not only are you receiving a beautiful creation made with genuine love and care, but when you are by buying handmade, you are also supporting and becoming part of the dream of: Freedom, financial independence, being in charge of your own moral compass, having a daily life's purpose, experiencing more joy, all as a result of doing work you truly love.

To see an example of a recent fair I went to head to my Dorset Easy Market post where you'll see an array of incredible talents who are local to me and also my friends at the Bournemouth Vintage Emporium.

If any of you make any 'Just a card' type purchases tweet Sarah or Mollie Makes and hashtag #justacard.



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